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Book Of Habakkuk To Become $300 Million Major Motion Picture - God Blog

Book Of Habakkuk To Become $300 Million Major Motion Picture

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habakkuk.jpgWhat an announcement!  What a day!  Manka Bros. Studios - The World's Largest Media Company - in association with its Manka Faith theatrical division - Original Sinema - will begin production on the Book Of Habakkuk which is the eight book of the 12 minor prophets of the Hebrew Bible.  Great stuff! 

This will not slow up our previously announced production of the Book of Judges - but it will cost considerably more.  The Book of Judges will be made for approximately $25 million

I'm fairly certain $300 million is the biggest movie budget in the history of motion pictures.  Others may have cost more to produce (i.e., The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Superman Returns) but none have announced their budget at the beginning as $300 million.  And it will all be on the screen.  You may ask why we're taking such a huge risk.  To us, this is a much safer bet than something like Tae Kwon Doug which cost only $45 million to produce but will barely make back $1,500 if it's lucky.  We just know in our gut that there's a lot of money in this God stuff.  A lot.  So we're willing to roll the dice.  And if all works out - there are plenty more books of the Old and New Testaments to keep this machine running!

Check back here over the next few months for updates on casting, locations and, in general, how everything is moving along. 

Robin Rafe - President - Manka Bros. Theatrical Group


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