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The Barbecue (2020) - What really happens at a barbecue that doesn't quite go as planned. No fake movie bullshit on this one.

Drunks (2018) - Old wounds take long to heal. Alcohol helps.

The Conference Call (2016) - What really happens on a two-hour long conference call at a mortgage brokerage.

The Dog 2 (2015) - Sequel to 2005's "The Dog" - same dog, same backyard.

this film is not yet made (2014) - And we'd like to keep it that way.

The Commute (2012) - A two-hour commute to work doesn't quite go as planned.

The Job (2012) - Eight hours at a job every day for 40 years can really take a toll on a person.

The Movie (2011) - A couple watching a movie. One likes it, one doesn't seem to... or does she?

this film hurts (2011) - It doesn't take a $200 million dollar movie to break your heart.

Negative (2010) - Waking up was the worse thing Joe and Milly could have done that Saturday morning.

8:45 Gymboree (2010) - What really happens at the weekly 8:45 Gymboree class for ages 6-9 months. [SPOILER ALERT: It ain't pretty.]

10 Shots (2009) - A group of writers do 10 tequila shots in two hours with a goal of writing a sketch for the Manka-Halarity Show. [This wasn't planned for theatrical release but was just too damn funny to put on the shelf.]

The Guest House (2008) - Horror movie shot in a crappy guest in Burbank.

The Dirt (2008) - Sun Moon Love Dirt. Any questions?

The Dinner Party (2007) - What really happens at a dinner party that doesn't quite go as planned. [Featuring unlicensed music playing in the background on the radio.]

The Cats (2006) - Eye opening look at how two house cats spend their day.

Squalor (2006) - Beneath the glitz, benath the glamour... is Squalor.

The Dog (2005) - A dog spends all day in the backyard. Thank God for the mailman.


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