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1. Any recording of any visual image must be purely accidental, such as the camera being mistakenly left on.

2. Any sound recording must also be accidental, and only through products sold at Radio Shack.

3. All actors used must be either acting non-actors, or non-acting actors.

4. Masters of any accidental recording must be erased within 24 hours.

5. Rehearsals only through sheer coincidence.

6. Light may only be furnished by the sun and NOT the moon (as the moon is reflected light).

7. All discussions referring to the original Dogme '95 ideology must include the use of "quotation mark finger gestures" around every key word. [Sample Conversation: I understand that "Lars Von Trier" doesn't "rehearse" or "storyboard" and thinks this is some sort of reflection of his "artistic integrity."]

8. Digital final masters only.

9. Distribution of any Manka Dogme product must be only through non-existent companies.

10. Audiences of Manka Dogme screenings may not be contacted with any form of screening information.

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