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2009 Film Slate

Snuffing Out The Magic Fury (2009) - A feverish rumination on the chaotic life and tragic downfall of avant-garde alt-rocker Shiv Treacle of the all-girl band Vulva.

sexydrinkbar (2009) - From Chinese director Duoshao Qian comes this 1940s period drama set in China as an American attempts to set up a 'sexydrinkbar' club during the reign of Chang Kai Chek right before Mao's Long March.

Calico Inversion (2009) Darren Goldblum's acclaimed film about a young New Jersey man's taxidermy business he runs out of his mom's basement, and his latest controversial experiement.

Dull, Uninteresting Story Of Four Tiresome Characters Feeling Sorry For Themselves (2009) - Based on the Manka Book of the same name which is a dull, uninteresting story of four tiresome characters feeling sorry for themselves.

Bridge Dance (2009) - After the only bridge and access road to Llanfairpwllgwyngyll, Wales collapses, the town decides to dance until the bridge is repaired. They all died... dancing...

Acquiescence (2009) - Victor Barnet's astounding first film is a powerful story of a wiley kid who incessantly tortures his tubby cousin in front of the neighborhood and goes on to fame and fortune in the movie business, while the tubby kid becomes a custodian at a skid row motel.

Last Train To Redemption (2009) - Tessie is the last remaining citizen in Redemption, Georgia, after the town was wiped away by tornadoes and floods. She takes the last train to Redemption to get her stuff before moving to New York City to try her hand as a spokesmodel for TV.

Inside Eric Roberts' Prostate (2009) - Innovative story of three medical school dropouts obsessed with locating actor Eric Roberts to find out just what the hell's going on down there.

Drawn To The Yellow Light (2009) - A lonely, socially dysfunctional travel insurance underwriter from Las Vegas tries to find new love on a dairy farm in northern Denmark. [Based on the Manka Books novel 'The Light Of Skagen'.]

Taiwan On (2009) - Four college buddies from Harvard Business School decide to go to Taiwan and drink and whore for three months before taking high paying jobs with Morgan Stanley.

Banquo's Ghost In Manhattan (2009) - Ghost from Macbeth tries to find love in modern day New York.

The Pedophile's Son's Graduation Party (2009) - Who will show up and what will they say?

Uncombed Hair (2009) - Siblings wearing winter coats with uncombed hair attempt to place their curmudgeon grandpa in a retirement home.


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