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2013 Film Slate

The Wolf At The Door (2013) - Live-action version of "The Three Little Pigs" set in the Soviet Gulag.

Maggots For Tommy (2013) - Heart-warming Chistmas story of a boy who didn't want anything for Christmas except a stocking full of maggots. His parents kept trying to give him a bike, a dog, a video game... but he only wants maggots. In the end, it's Santa who must intervene to bring Tommy what he wants.

sexydrinkbar (2013) - From Chinese director Duoshao Qian comes this 1940s period drama set in China as an American attempts to set up a 'sexydrinkbar' club during the reign of Chang Kai Chek in the shadow of Mao's Long March.

Johnny Hummingbird (2013) - The hummingbird beats his wings a million times an hour. Chicago suburban kid Johnny Hummingbird is going to attempt to beat off a million times in his life. [Accepted in the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.]

Actor Moves To L.A. To Be An Actor But Decides To Do Cocaine Instead (2013) - With the reluctant support of his parents, Scott Montrose drops acting and deciddes to be the best drug addict he can possibly be.

Children In Peril (2013) - The kids in Peril, Indiana, live a dreary existence until they encounter a zombie in the forest and taunt him relentlessly.

Nagila (2013) - Loosely based on the words to "Hava Nagila," Josh is a lonely orthodox Jewish baker living in Baltimore. He falls in love with an Amish basket maker. Because of their strict cultures they are unable to love each other in America - so they move to China and start a new life.

Snuffing Out The Magic Fury (2013) - A feverish rumination on the chaotic life and tragic downfall of avant-garde alt-rocker Shiv Treacle of the all-girl band Vulva.


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