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2014 Film Slate

The End Of Incense (2014) - Even the Woodstock burnouts are getting sick of the incense burning in Mama Groovy's house. Everyone decides it's time to get a fucking life.

The Tower Of Abel (2014) - Abel Lucavich, a depressed auto mechanic, decides to build a tower to Heaven. It takes a lot of hard work and there are a lot of obstacles along the way (like the upper atmosphere and weightlessness) but he finally makes it. Then he sits in Heaven still depressed, so he starts to build another tower to see what is above Heaven. Based on a true story.

Carpathos (2014) - This psychological drama chronicles the life of the Carpathia wireless operator who fell asleep and failed to hear the distress signals from the Titanic, his public vilification, subsequent mission to visit and apologize to each victim's family, and mysterious disappearance after the first visit.

Telescape (2014) - A lonely New Yorker escpaes into the lives of his neighbors via the hlep of a magic telecopes.

Dance Gary! (2014) - Gary Tucker must learn the entire male lead of "Swan Lake" and dance it just like Baryshnikov in 48 hours or his family will be killed by the Turkish government. The catch, Gary has never taken a dance lesson in his life.


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