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1950 - 1959

Two-Legged Race (1950) - True story of a one-legged German and one-legged American (both injuries from World War II) who team up to win the 100 meter spring Gold Medal at the 1948 Olympics.

The Louis B. Mayer Story (1951) - Manka Bros.' biopic of the Nazi-loving pedophile.

We Raft All Night (1951) - Betty Hayson and Spaulding Mawkish re-team for this sweeping story of a grizzled fisherman and society girl forced to share a log floating down the Mississippi River. Their bickering gives way to true love as they struggle for survival.

In Your Loophole (1951) -G. Gordon Castle's film about a small town hooker who passes out sexual favors to a law firm in exchange for money.

Three Georges (1951) - Rosalind Russell stars as a small town girl who must choose a husband between three fellas named 'George' before they are shipped off to the war. (Rosalind Russell replaced original star Bette Davis who was kicked off the Manka Bros. lot by studio chief Harry Manka for being so 'Goddamned fucking crazy.')

Black And White And Grey (1952) - David Sedan's attempt to exploit the success of 'Citizen Kane' and show his adulation of Swedish cinema. [The attempt failed.]

Marzan (1952) - The re-telling of 'Tarzan' in which the boy, Marzan, is left on Mars and raised by Martians (with a swinging score by Benny Goodman).

Head Of State (1953) - The unlikely true story of President Taft's frozen head which was preserved in his Presidential museum and the lonely clerk that falls in love with his head.

The Scott Heard 'Round The World (1953) - A pacifist is placed in charge of a Navy sub.

The Boxing McGruders (1953) - True story of a boxing family - EVEN MOM!

Thanks, Mr. Joe (1953) - Inspirational true story of the American pilots who risked their lives delivering fresh poultry to war-torn China during World War II.

Zombies In The Outfield (1953) - G. Gordon Castle's send up of the 1951 film 'Angels In The Outfield.'

Murder At Manka Bros. (1953) - After embarrassing speculation in the media and by other studios, Manka Bros., to set the record straight, produced this film telling the true story of the murder of long time Manka Bros. ingénue Margie Louise.

Coma-Kaze (1953) - A Japanese family deals with the shame of a son who failed to die upon impact.

Old Soldiers Die! (1953) - Story about the old Englishmen who defended the south coast of England during World War II.

The Pope In Centerfield (1954) - True story of Pope Pius X and his dream to play one game as a center fielder for the Yankees.

It's Only Treason If You Lose (1954) - Two brothers in 1792 and their opposing passions for their beloved country.

DraCool (1954) - High School senior Vladimir is a total nerd until he is made undead... then he becomes Prom King. Starring Richie Malibu in his first feature for Manka Bros.

Hot Rod Catholic Rabbi Beach Zombies (1954) - Directed by G. Gordon Castle. A Catholic priest and a Jewish rabbi fall in love with the same beach bikini girl.

Meet Me In Casarobles (1954) - Based on the best-selling World War II romance novel of the same name. A couple decides that if they truly love each other they will meet on April 1st in Casarobles. Will this war-torn couple still find each other even thought Casarobles doesn't exist?

The Color Of Dred (1954) - The Dred Scott story with an all-black cast. Even the white characters.

Invisi-Bill (1954) - Bill Malory wakes up one day to find out he's invisible. Somehow he has to become visible again before an upcoming job interview. If he doesn't get the job, he loses his kids in a divorce.

Gray Composition (1955) - Abstract film directed by Jackson Pollock's brother - Charlie.

Fellow Travelers (1955) - Pro-Communist film which ends with several Manka Bros. Stars (soon to be former stars) looking directly into the camera and shouting 'I am a Communist!' (During the filming of a 'long march'-type scene in which thousands of Communists supposedly fled to Russia through a mountain pass - actually shot in Burbank - 400 extras went missing and were never heard from again. Several witnesses describe a purple and yellow glow or aura appearing over the mountain right before the disappearance. The mystery has never been solved.)

Submariners Keep On A 'Coming (1955) - G. Gordon Castle's film about seamen in a hot, sweaty steel tube which dramatically conveys the never-say-die attitude of the U.S. Navy.

Beyond The Pale (1955) - Inhabitants of a small English village must muster the courage to protect the border from the arrival of Scottish Zombies.

Grab The Ring (1955) - The carnival has come to Lawndale, Ohio. Come on, kids, try to win the decoder ring! [Filmed in Manka Spin-O'Vision.]

Please, Baby, Hold Me Tight (1955) - Blind rockabilly sensation Carl Henky tried to translate his appeal to the screen with this sweeping pioneer saga based on William Tingemore's bestseller 'Trails Of Triumph' [Manka Books 1953]

Sublet (1956) - Before there was 'Operation Petticoat' there was 'Sublet' - about the Navy's smallest (and funniest) sub.

Bride Of The Cannibal (1956) - Love conquers all. But will it conquer his appetite?

Zombies Of Low Cabin Woods (1956) - The title speaks for itself in this horror classic from G. Gordon Castle.

Planet Z (1956) - The Zolats drag Earth back to their galaxy. Earthlings fight to free themselves from Planet Z.

Hummel Where? (1956) - Story of Sister Maria Innocential Hummel's mysterious disappearance from the church and the art world and the little boy with the big round eyes who convinced her to return.

Rothko (1956) - Directed by artist Mark Rothko. A minimal film with a minimal plot.

Jaundice Jane (1956) - During World War II, this American woman helped spread jaundice to the Germans.

I Dated An Invisible Man (1956) - Continuation of the 'Invisi-Bill' series. A good man is hard to find... but an invisible man is even harder.

Winchester Warrior (1956) - After his family is killed by Apaches, a young man chooses his weapon and kills all the Apaches.

Bikini Atoll (1956) - Richie Malibu stars in this jiggle fest with Cold War overtones - features the song 'You Nuked My Heart.'

The Countess And The Commoner (1956) - Light comedy about a royal heiress and her desire to get out from under the thumb of her domineering family by marrying a local garbage man.

The Story Of Vitreous (1957) - The Greek God of Silence and Invisibility that no one noticed.

Solar Prison On The Moon (1957) - There's a jail break on Alcatraz II. Can the moon prison guards stop the break before they reach Earth's atmosphere?

Curse Of The Cursors (1957) - The source of the world's evil curses hasn't even begun to terrorize.

It's Raining Dodgers (1957) - When their plane explodes in mid-air scattering ballplayers across the Kansas plains, the boys from Brooklyn return to their wives as angels, convincing the girls to take up the pennant drive where they had left off.

The Captors (1958) - The other side of 'The Searchers.' The story of the Comanches who are holding John Wayne's niece.

Haunted Houseboat (1958) - Where do you hide from terror on a one-bedroom houseboat that's in the middle of the largest lake in the world?

Romanian Monster Of The Eclipse (1958) - A group of 16-year-old monsters, all born on the day of a solar eclipse, take their revenge on a Transylvanian village.

Cup Of The Saucer People (1958) - Saucer people from outer space invade a tiny Canadian fishing village.

Marzan's First Communion (1958) - Unsuccessful sequel to 1952's 'Marzan.'

The Dark Angel Of Alder Gulch (1958) - The Dark Angel Of Alder Gulch is back again this summer to take all the gold from these pitiful gold miners for their past sins. What more can that she-devil steal?

Joe Malley's Blues (1958) - Hockey Player Joe Malley comes back from the Korean War paralyzed. Even though he can barely move one finger, he vows to play again, becoming the first paralyzed player to win the Hart Trophy.

Commiecuzzin (1959) - Directed by David Sedan. Suicide appears to be the only answer when a man finds out his cousin is a card carrying Communist and must decide whether to betray his family or his country.

Time Flies (1959) - When flies accidentally enter a time machine and travel to ancient Greece, chaos ensues.

The Confident Confidant (1959) - First in a long series of Manka Bros. films starring the great hilarious physical comedian - Joey Levitch.

The Four Whores, Man (1959) - One of the first films inspired by and starring Beat Generation poets.

Werewolf Fishermen On Finger Lake (1959) - Horror film about werewolf fishermen on Finger Lake.

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