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Tennessee Williams' Haunted Alligators (1960) - Discarded 1959 play of Tennessee Williams was discovered in the trash and sold to Manka Bros. who produced the film in two weeks. Story involves familiar themes of alcoholic women trying to break free of overbearing men in the Louisiana swamp.

The 7th Dimension (1960) - An unforeseen meteor shower throws the Earth upside-down, creating mass hysteria and mass heroism. Filmed in Verti-Vision.

Son Of Invisi-Bill (1960) - Invisi-Bill and his wife, Janet, have two semi-transparent children. Parenting the transparent has never been more difficult!

Bartacus: Slave To The Romans, Slave To The Surf (1960) - G. Gordon Castle's epic story about a conflicted hero of the people.

The Ex-Ecutive (1960) - Joey Levitch finds it's hard to get to the top of corporate America when you're unemployed.

The Great Bikini Beach Surf-Off Of '59 (1960) - G. Gordon Castle's definitive surfing movie.

Fundra (1960) - Weisenheimer, the goofball of a group of pals, accidentally buys tickets to the Yukon instead of Hawaii. These kids make a crazy go of it in the frozen tundra. Features 5 new songs from "The Hummingbirds."

Attack Of The Man-eaters (1960) - The garlic capital of the world, Gilroy, California, is attacked by man eating farm animals.

The Triple Jumper & the Debutante (1961) - Following his success in the 1960 Rome Olympics, Gold Medal winning Triple Jumper Jozef Szmidt defected from Poland to star in this Hollywood flop.

The Semi-Conductor (1961) - Joey Levitch stars. Follow-up to "The Ex-Ecutive." He's not a conductor... yet.

It Came From The Third Dimension (1961) - At first you think they're normal humans but actually they're from the Third Dimension!

Honolu-Lou (1961) - When he picked up that grass skirt his only intention was to LEARN to hula. He could have never imagined his journey would result in him creating the next dance sensation. Featuring the song "Dance The Lou-la."

Timber! (1961) - Directed by David Sedan. Epic musical depicting a singing Canadian Mountie, his wife and their swingin' teenagers. Featuring songs by Carl Henky.

Apocrypha (1961) - Manka Bros. ambitious adaptation of the Roman Catholic Bible book - starring Italian heart-throb Giorgio Giordino.

Revenge Of The She-Men (1961) - After supposedly being destroyed in the "battle to end all battles," the She-Men miraculously return to Wadenka, Minnesota, for one final fight.

Escape From Jail (1962) - Suspense drama set in a small Southern town about two house burglars who attempt to Escape From Jail.

Code Name: War (1962) - The operation the pentagon was hoping they wouldn't have to execute. Everyone dreaded "Code Name: War."

The Missionary Position (1962) - Joey Levitch answers to a help wanted ad placed by a church.

Sophocles And The Fall Of Rhode Island (1962) - The end of a marriage starts at the beginning of a dinner party.

Rip Tide (1962) - Richie Malibu plays Rip Fist - head of Malibu Beach Force. [This film marked the end of Richie's legitimate career.]

American Sicko (1962) - Directed by G. Gordon Castle and starring the late Rich Hegedus. Story of a serial killer who kills everyone in sight.

Zomb-bees (1962) - Undead African killer bees terrorize the Dayton, Ohio.

Tangra: The God Heaven (1962) - Ten million dollar epic that nearly bankrupt the studio about the Turkic Bulgarians (non-Christian Bulgarians) during the 9th century. [Studio head Harry Manka promised his mother he would make the movie before her death. She died after seeing the opening weekend grosses at the age of 105.]

The Wreck-retary (1962) - Joey Levitch stars as a temporary replacement secretary to the Mayor of New York.

Year Of The Rat (1962) - The country is plunged into horror when Communist China unleashes mutated rodents on a unsuspecting American populace.

Halloween In Monster Town (1962) - A family picks the wrong time to go to Monster Town for a vacation.

Hula - The Movie (1963) - Can Johnny Rock Star beat Donny Poi at his own game?

Pledge Me! (1963) - Directed by David Sedan. Snip Whipley plays a young freshman who innocently pledges to ALL the houses and has to deal with the consequences of making too many promises to too many girls.

King Of The Amazons (1963) - Joey Levitch goes to the Amazon jungle on a bird watching expedition and ends up becoming - King of the Amazons!

Patrick, The Snake Fighter (1963) - Chronicles the true story of Patrick driving the snakes into India.

Corporal Frankenstein (1963) - During the Korean War, as the body parts piled up, there was only one soldier who could piece them back together to create a walking, talking, fighting monster army.

The Shy-Anne Warrior (1963) - Joey Levitch stars as Sitting Bull in the story of the Chief and his bashful Indian princess.

A Gaggle Of Henries (1963) - Director Carol Reed combined Shakespeare's Henry IV, Henry V and Henry VI into one 72-minute film depicting all three Kings alive at the same time.

My Other Twin (1963) - Twins discover they have a triplet out in the world. Mom forgot she gave up one baby... the family fights to get it back.

Strong Armed Johnny In The 45th Millennium (1963) - Futuristic football Hall of Famer Johnny Galepecki is unfrozen from the 44th millennium to attempt to help get the hapless New Bulasian Falcons into the Moon Bowl.

The Creature From Yesterday (1963) - A Kansas farm town is terrorized by the Creature From Yesterday.

Father Patrick 'Cubby' McDougal: Bikini Exorcist (1963) - G. Gordon Castle's film about a man torn between the life he had dedicated to God and his unquenchable desire to surf.

They All Knew His Name (1963) - Directed by Fabrizio Leone. Starring Adam West as an openly emotional stranger who's very forthright about his identity.

Holmes On The Range (1964) - Directed by Fabrizio Leone. Story of Sherlock Holmes as he travels to a remote Wild West outpost in search of the Crimson Dagger.

The Brothers Kielbasa (1964) - Harry Manka directs his first film. A modern update of the classic Bulgarian folk tale of two brothers who juggle and bring happiness to the world.

I Am A Choir (1964) - True story of Marion Alderson, who was able to channel several voices at once.

Wild Cat Hookers Hit The Beach (1964) - G. Gordon Castle's film about a small beach town hooker who passes out sexual favors to a law firm in exchange for surfing lessons. [Banned in several cities for its ground-breaking depiction of actual sex on film.]


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