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1970 - 1979

Stampede! (1970) - No one could hear it coming. On a hot August 1, 1932, twelve ranch towns in Wyoming were trampled by wild horses, cows and buffalo. Over 10,000 people died that day. In Wyoming, August 1st, 1932, will always be known as 'the day of the great stampede.'

The Faux-tographer (1970) - Lonely Joey Levitch poses as a top fashion photographer to meet women.

Jack Kills Jill And Jill And Jill (1970) - G. Gordon Castle directs this film about a pirate who goes from port-to-port-to-port robbing the rich and killing pretty much everyone.

Fourth Period Insurrection (1970) - Based on actual events in a small town, a renegade band of grade school conscientious objectors stage a standoff in the lunchroom to protest U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War.

The Death Of A KGB Custodian (1971) - Cold War thriller about the toilet cleaner at the KGB who turned out to be the most notorious double-agent since Mata Hari.

Deceptikon 2149 - The Sixth Ace (1971) - The greatest mystery in the history of the universe is about to be revealed!

Jack Kills Jill And Jill And Jill Some More! (1971) - G. Gordon Castle's sequel to the 1970 film 'Jack Kills Jill And Jill And Jill.'

Plug That Hole (1971) - 'Deliverance' a full year before 'Deliverance' came out (many said Warner Bros. stole the idea from Manka Bros.). Four men decide to take one final white water canoe trip down the Mayanaga River before it is damned and turned into a hydro-electric plant.

Escape From Satan's Planet (1971) - Satan is alive and living on his own planet. A group of young space explorers are just stopping to refuel their space car. They had no idea they would have to 'Escape From Satan's Planet!'

Cocktail (1972) - Robert Altman's brilliant recreation of an actual cocktail party.

Black Iliad (1972) - Classic retelling of the legendary tale by Homer. [The New York Times called it 'The only perfect film ever made.']

The Plot To Kill The Secret Service (1972) - A killer is plotting to kill every member of the President's Secret Service - and there's only one guy that can stop him, the President himself.

The Duchess Of Malfi (1973) - The famous John Webster play of love and betrayal gets the hippie musical treatment.

MANifesto (1973) - First film by S.C.U.M. (Society for Cutting Up Men) founder Valerie Solanas.

Escape From Bloody Hell (1973) - Sequel to 'Escape From Satan's Planet.' Young space explorers decide to travel to the center of the Earth as part of a science project. They had no idea they were going to have to 'Escape From Bloody Hell.'

President Rufus (1973) - Through a screw-up at the Electoral College, a dog is elected President... twice.

Pony Rides and Lollipops (1973) - A cynical business tycoon is shot by his partner. As he dies, he reflects on a time in his life when things were simpler.

Death For Hooking (1973) - Famed hockey goalie Ken Dryden parlayed his 1972 Con Smythe Trophy into his only acting role, playing a playing a serial killer preying on the prostitutes of Toronto with an illegally curved stick.

Black Robin Hood (1974) - An unfortunate attempt at a quality-blaxploitation film.

Too Many Weasels! (1974) - Popular children's performer Maximilian J. Rainbow makes the leap from his MBS Kids series to star in this uproarious adventure of a wacky bard and his burgeoning rodent population.

The Moredurder (1974) - He couldn't kill just one!

The Dirt Eaters (1974) - In the year 2023, humans must learn to cope without water or oxygen. Only the strong will survive.

The Man With The 8-Track Mind (1974) - A shy, awkward high school student stays after school to help the lab teacher with an experiment. Little does he know HE's the experiment and afterwards, he will literally have the music in him.

The $23.50 Kid (1974) - When a young boy is hurt during a playground accident, his friends use what they have at their disposal to rebuild him 'Tonka Tough.' [Manka Bros. is later sued by parents and the toy manufacturer after multiple injuries resulting from children trying to attach wheels and dumpers to their friends' and siblings' torso.]

Crotch Rockets 2000 (1974) - Motorcycle race across the Sahara Desert for world domination.

Jr. Mom Squad (1974) - Brain switching comedy where a neighborhood full of daughters suddenly have to raise their mothers.

Llamas and Pa (1974) - A llama and an old man live in Greenwich Village.

The Law Offices Of Trixie, Mixie And Cottontail (1974) - G. Gordon Castle's film about three big city hookers / lawyers who pass out sexual favors to clients in exchange for money.

Blacula 2: Dracula (1975) - Manka Bros. releases a remake of the iconic 1972 film ‘Blacula’ but in the remake Blacula is white and it’s called ‘Dracula.’

Hogan Heroes (1975) - Heroic story of World War II's Navajo Code Talkers and the nephew of Kit Carson and Hirohito hired to break their code.

Going Down Under (1975) - The sex-filled adventures of three high school buddies during their summer trip to Australia before starting college.

Mandarin Cowboy (1975) - True story of Wu Xianchi, the meanest son of a bitch in the old East.

Too Many Ferrets! (1975) - Sequel to 1974's successful 'Too Many Weasels.' If Maximilian J. Rainbow does not get rid of the ferrets, the orphanage many have to leave town.

Oh, God, NO! (1975) - A two million square mile, one mile thick space rock is going to hit the center of the U.S. effectively wiping out everything between Pennsylvania to Nevada. There just isn't enough time to save everyone!

Dreams Of Many Sexes (1975) - Based on 'Traumnovelle' by Arthur Schnitzler and directed by G. Gordon Castle. Tells the story of a ragingly horny doctor who bangs his wife only after smoking dope.

Machete Maniac (1975) - Terror in the Appalachian Mountains. Billy, a toothless hillbilly with machetes for arms, stalks a Sorority camping trip.

The Quarterback Wore Lipstick (1975) - There's something odd about the star quarterback of the Pasadena Pirates. She's a GIRL!!

Cryin' Wolf's Indian Christmas (1975) - Animated. Starring the Manka Toons character Cryin' Wolf. He brings Christmas to a depressed Indian reservation.

The Taking Of Branch 55 (1976) - Existential second American film by French New Wave filmmaker Jean Paul Coutou. A world-class their with a fear of heights has a chance for his biggest score ever: a bag of priceless diamonds tied to a branch... at the top of a maple tree!

2nd Bananas (1976) - Talk show host sidekicks and straight men in comedy teams plot to rob Fort Knox.

Hellephant (1976) - A mythic elephant comes to life and terrorizes kids camping in Africa.

Hot Pants USA (1976) - Loosely based on 'King Lear,' an aging owner of a roller disco being forced to pass it along to the next generation.

General Rufus (1976) - After a screw-up at the Pentagon, a dog is given the high command over the World War II allied invasion of Normandy. It was the best mistake the Pentagon ever made.

Swine (1976) - Horrifying look at a post-apocalyptic world after a swine flu pandemic wipes out most of the world's population making mutant pig-beasts out of the survivors.

Harlem Soul Ninjas (1976) - G. Gordon Castle's blaxploitation film about three soul ninjas that fight against Whitey's attempt to build a shopping mall in Harlem.

Too Many Badgers! (1976) - Maximilian J. Rainbow makes fun of his previous 'Too Many' movies with this silly tale of badgers overtaking the circus.

I Got The Music In Me (1976) - Pat McCormick and Marty Allen star as rock and roll promoters who decide to promote themselves as a hot new rock act.

32 Days In November (1976) - A magnetic meteor shower causes the world's watches and clocks to stop - nearly causing a nuclear war.

The Knights Of Trixie LaRue (1976) - There's more than one hot night in this steamy romance set during an especially warm summer on the Georgia coast. Directed by G. Gordon Castle.

Don't Lock The Door (1976) - The only place it's not safe is inside the house.

Kung Fu Fighting (1976) - The Carol Douglas song is now a major motion picture! If everybody was Kung Fu fighting, no one would be safe.

Ragamuffin Rags (1976) - Story about the lovable dog, Rags, and his charming misadventures in suburbia.

Four Days In July (1977) - Watergate-type thriller about the Queen of England and the leader of the IRA.

Death Rains Down From England (1977) - Directed by G. Gordon Castle. Story of a fictional invasion of the U.S. by England during Prohibition.

Machete Maniac II: Billy's Back (1977) - Billy, the toothless hillbilly with machetes for arms, leaves the woods for Nashville - stalking a country music band.

Boogie Men (1977) - Clint Howard and Elliot Gould star in this sequel to 'I Got The Music In Me.'

Friar Robinson (1977) - Former NFL star Myron 'Flash' Jones makes his film debut as a cop that 'makes Shaft look like a baby girl kitten.' When Jones goes undercover to stop a maniacal serial killer masquerading as a monk, all Hell breaks loose!

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night! (1977) - A Friday night at the roller rink turns bloody for a group of junior high students.

Pimpire (1977) - Directed by David Sedan. Blaxploitation film about vampire pimps who lurk among the New York streets. Featuring form NFL star Myron 'Flash' Jones.

Dr. Scary's Tassles and Balls (1977) - Mitch Miller plays a singing transvestite.

Lineman For The County (1977) - Glen Campbell stars in a movie based on his hit song.

What In Tarnation? (1977) - Bra-burning hippie feminists invade Tarnation, Mississippi, and start a midnight racing club. Sheriff Buelton and his deputy sons vow to drive out of town.

Mother Trucker (1977) - When Ray is too drunk to make the shipment... Mom takes over.

The Man From Nantucket (1977) - Unrated art house film about the man who inspired the famous Limerick. And, yes, the Limerick is true.

Kahli Annihilates The World (1977) - The Hindi prophecy of the end of the world actually happens... right during the World Series?

Some Of The People All Of The Time (1977) - Sequel to 'All Of The People Some Of The Time.'

Mr. and Mrs. Sperling (1978) - James Coco and Jerry Reed try to fool the IRS into believing they are a married couple with a baby on the way.

Charlie and The Steel Factory (1978) - Charlie Bucket, powerful chocolate factory owner, brings his playful work ethic to a depressed steel mill in Pennsylvania.

Rosetta's Stone (1978) - After housewife Rosetta Fowler finishes carving demonic sayings and proverbs into a concrete slab, it comes to life and terrorizes her Columbia, Missouri, neighborhood.

Bikini Day Care (1978) - What better way is there to teach these kids some discipline.

Billy Non-Gravity (1978) - A kid, Billy, is born without a sense of gravity and has to live his life wearing a lead suit while dragging a steel block.

Pray Matter (1978) - Doctors remove a tumor from the Pope's brain only to find that he no longer believes in God.

Sylmar Nights (1978) - Roller discos and Ford Pintos rule the nights until a devastating earthquake brings everyone together including the Punks and Geezers.

Roller Wheels USA (1978) - Loose adaptation of 'Rebel Without A Cause' set in a roller disco.

Schmitz (1978) - Norman Jewison takes an in-depth look at the America Party presidential candidate John G. Schmitz, who could've changed the shape of the country in 1972, had he received any Electoral votes.

Pumpkin Jimmy (1978) - The world's largest pumpkin weighed in at a whopping 377 pounds. This is the story of that pumpkin... and the man who ate it... forever known as 'Pumpkin Jimmy.'

Step On A Crack (1979) - Absolute horror comes to a suburban neighborhood outside of Chicago as the backs of hundreds of mothers break at the same time because of one evil little boy who steps on every crack in the sidewalk.

The Jor-Dash (1979) - When the evil Dr. Jordash comes between Brooke and her Calvins, he finds she will stop at nothing to get them back.

Pimpire State (1979) - Directed by David Sedan. A straight-to-Beta release sequel to 'Pimpire' depicting the further exploits of vampire pimps and their takeover of New York.

Crosstown Scrape (1979) - The street wasn't low enough, so these low riders chopped a subway car.

Another Four Days In July (1979) - Sequel to the 1977 film 'Four Days In July.'

Juggle Boogie (1979) - 'Hatfields and McCoys' story of rival juggling families set in a roller disco.

Machete Maniac III: Back To The Woods (1979) - Billy, the toothless hillbilly with machetes for arms and his brother, Ray, with his detachable limbs, move deeper into the woods, terrorizing environmentalists trying to save the forest.

Erosion (1979) - The rain and earthquake ended days ago... is it finally safe?

A Town Called Somewhere (1979) - After the iron ore factory closed down, the people of Somewhere just try to get by one day at a time.

Be Cool, Bitch (1979) - Myron 'Flash' Jones stars in this remake of Shakespeare's 'Taming Of The Shrew.'

17 Weeks (1979) - A trucker has 17 weeks to get his load from Chicago to Nashville. Since that shouldn't be a problem at all, there are plenty of bars and strip clubs along the way.

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