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Drive In! (1980) - A Friday night at the Drive In turns bloody for a group of high school students.

Dagny Taggart Down Under (1980) - Unauthorized (but better than the original) sequel to Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged."

FDR On LSD (1980) - Comedy record team of Snitch and Wong are teleported back in time to the Roosevelt White House. Passing as cooks, they slip the Prez "a little something to keep his polio in check." The New Deal never sounded so "far out."

Another Couple In Love (1980) - Just a normal everyday couple falls in love the normal way.

Clayhead (1980) - A boy born with a head of clay must struggle for acceptance at school... and at home.

The Unstoppable Wheel (1981) - Story of a successful Mesopotamian copper dragger who plots in vain to stop the invention of the wheel.

The Gastronaut (1981) - Comeback film of Joey Levitch. Also featuring Sammy Shore as the "Man in the Moon."

Pac Man (1982) - Based on the popular video game. Live-action comedy starring Mumenshantz.

The Summer Of '82 (1982) - Unauthorized (but better than the original) remake of "The Summer of '42."

Lap Dance (1982) - A sweet film about a girl from Lapland who comes to Hollywood to pursue a career in Lapland folk dancing.

Meaniac (1982) - A novel attempt to carve out a new family-safe niche genre that Manka Bros. coined "No-rror," "Meaniac" contained scenes of brutal emotional viciousness but maintained its PG rating by shedding not a single drop of blood.

The Man With The Four-Way Hips (1983) - Western. The Tom Tom Club in their only feature film.

Mishka (1984) - True story of a Tartar comedian who entertained the embattled Soviet troops during the bloody battle of Stalingrad.

Hooky (1984) - The bus carrying the entire 3rd grade class of a small town school is hijacked by a crazy 9-year-old. Their wild adventures will cherished and never forgotten.

Geisha Quarterback (1984) - Can a Japanese quarterback really be this good? The Los Angeles Rams are willing to find out!

Keep On Banging (1984) - Eddie Mekka is a carpenter by day and a gigolo by night.

Stapler (1984) - Comedy exploring the very UN-exciting world of a corporate office.

My Bloody Bar Mitzvah (1984) - Mrs. Hershkovitz didn't realize the clowns she hired were recently paroled from prison.

Witches Of Stonehenge (1984) - Customers at a pub in a small English town regale each other with stories and legends of the Witches of Stonehenge.

Ride, Sally Ride (1984) - Robin Duke stars in this bio-pic of the first woman in space.

The Scoopin' Kid (1984) - After a teenager working in an ice cream shop finds a thumb in a gallon of French Vanilla, he gets caught up in a Government conspiracy.

Shopping Maul (1984) - On a Friday night at the Sherman Oaks Galleria, Valley girls disappear one-by-one.

Wild Webelo Summer (1984) - Summer camp slowly descends into chaos for this rebellious group of 10-12 year old Webelos.

Don In The Land Of Nod (1984) - Timid college student, Don Parker, accidentally opens a portal to the fifth dimension in his shower.

The Kid Who Wore Tennis Shoes (1984) - Uninspired children's movie [Made during one of the world periods in Manka Bros. History.]

The Last Communist (1984) - Story of the last man to live on a "commune."

Mock II (1984) - From the Las Vegas stage, master impressionist Del Manners stars in his first film as a slacker-turned-fighter pilot who can imitate everyone, including his superior officers.

Mother, Juggs and Speed II (1984) - Less Mothers, more Juggs and double the Speed.

Pass The Baton (1984) - Produced directly after the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. Story about four sprinters who overcame various terminal diseases to win the 4x100 meter relay Gold Medal.

Dexy's Midnight Run (1984) - An Iowa college needs a band immediately for a charity fundraiser. Can Dexy's Midnight Runners get there in time?

Orson Wells' The Rape Of Lucrece (1985) - Shakespeare epic filmed over 40 years and finished on the day of Orson Wells' death.

Tit Offensive (1985) - Danny Bonaduce and a college radio station plan Spring Break in Vietnam.

Wookie Running Back (1985) - The newest member of the Dallas Cowboys is from a galaxy far, far away.

Setting On Dark (1985) - A psychotic toaster conspires with a newfangled microwave oven to take over the world, and only one boy knows about it.

Jack Kerouac's Back (1985) - An uninspired and out of work writer summons the spirit of Jack Kerouac for help. Unfortunately, Kerouac summons the spirit of Neal Cassady and the two ghosts get hammered and head for Mexico. The writer now has to track down these "free spirits."

Male Fraud (1985) - How could C. Thomas Howell be valedictorian at an all-girls school?

Capitol Offense (1985) - Action-adventure starring Drake Derrek as a disillusioned ex-CIA operative working as the President's bodyguard. Things really heat up when a group of international terrorists try to take over the White House!

I Understand Women (1985) - Henry Jaglom film about a filmmaker with no real insight into anything, who writes roles for pretty young women so that he can have sex on screen while they tell him how smart he is.

So Proudly We Fail (1985) - Quon Phoc is the Vietcong's answer to Rambo and Chuck Norris. After countless numbers of American invastions back into Vietnam, Quon Phoc invades the U.S. in search of Vietnamese prisoners of war.

Comic-Kaze (aka Die Laughing) (1985) - True story of Japan's funniest pilot.

The Reflex (1985) - Duran Duran stars in this film based on their hit song. Simon LeBon and his band must find the mysteirous "Reflex" which holds the key to the secrets of the Universe.


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