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Williamsport Warriors (1990) - The Little League World Series becomes a struggle for survival as the Taiwan team turns out to be Chinese Nationalist Terrorists. It's up to the Bakersfield Tigers to save the President.

Pole Cats (1990) - Based on a true story. Story chronicles the failed efforts of one misguided visionary and his dream of entering the Iditarod using a team of house cats.

Unimaginable Terror (1990) - Lowell Ganz & Babaloo Mandel (City Slickers II: The Search For Curly's Gold, Father's Day) brings this chilling tale of what happened to a family that never came back from vacation.

Cruisin' For A Bruisin' (1990) - Drake Derrek must defend a cruise ship from pirates.

Mars Sucks! (1990) - When slacker Keith accidentally gets stuck on a rocketship to Mars, he discovers that Mars really sucks.

Bob, You're Telekinetic (1990) - Bob Danley's doctor has some bad news for his patient. Can Bob get his malady under control before one of his kids is kidnapped and the CIA recruits him as a terrorist weapon?

Stop The Reeper (1990) - After watching his grandfather die, a little boy devises a way to stop people from dying - he's going to kill Death!

Sioux-icidal (1990) - Joey Levitch is Chief Running Water in this, his final film from a script he wrote in 1961.

Donny Castrato (1990) - After being castrated as a boy by the Rossini family, Donny grows up to become the toughest mob boss on Long Island and one of the opera stage's great contraltos.

My Father, Inc. (1990) - A father and son can't seem to find the time to get together in this "Cat's In The Cradle" story.

In Cold Blood II (1991) - Robert Harling (Steel Magnolias, Soapdish) continues the story of the horrific murders in a midwestern town.

Cocked And Loaded (1991) - Whether it's cracking a joke or collaring a criminal, these cops could go off at any second.

CIA Squad: In The Same Vein (A Very Familiar Dracula Movie (1991) - The President has assembled an elite crime-fighting team of Dracula slayers to infiltrate Vlad the Impaler's castle in Romania.

Bullets Be Praised (1991) - Con man needs $1 million dollars to pay off a gambling debt - he decides to become Muslim and kill Salmon Rushdie for the reward money.

The Bowler In Chief (1991) - Because of his high average in the Akron South Lanes bowling league, Jimmy Nowitsky is elected President of the United States. The trouble is, he doesn't know how to do anything but bowl.

I Scream, You Scream (1991) - Sometimes you can't tell who's evil and who's not.

Slaughter Zoo (1992) - Genetically-altered goats and sheep attack kids at a petting zoo and reek havoc on Laguna Beach, California.

Mother Of God (1992) - Even God as to clean his room before he can borrow the car.

CD Dom (1992) - Having just escaped from prison, evildoer Vinyl Varney is hurling old records and lopping off the heads of innocent cityfolk. He is foiled by a masked superhero - Dom DeLuise, who can blind him with one flash of his mystical round ass.

Right As Rain (1992) - After a chemical plant explosion infects a weather system, the people of Topeka, Kansas, are hit with a hydrochloric acid rain storm. It's up to an ex-baseball player and his ex-wife to save the day.

Mid-Life Crisis (1992) - Two prominent upper middle class couples go on a bank robbing spree throughout New England.

Raising The Power (1992) - Merchant/Ivory's acclaimed account of Scottish mathematician John Napier's invention of logarithms and his attempt to reanimate the dead with them.

Unimaginable Terror II (1992) - Herschel Weingrod & Timothy Harris (Space Jam, Kindergarten Cop) continue the story of the lost family that comes back home... for revenge.

Blown Out Of Proportion (1992) - A criminal group is taken off the State Department list of most dangerous criminal groups. To prove them wrong, they decide to pull-off the biggest crime of all time.

Trench Mouth (1993) - A comedian is sent over to France during World War I to entertain the troops in the trenches.

Dart-bored (1993) - After the death of a drinking buddy, locals at a pub decide to put their time to better use by developing a cure for liver disease.

Centrifugal Force (1993) - Potentially true story about the day that gravity ends.

Eerie Canal (1993) - Strange things are happening as cargo and cruise ships pass through the intricate series of locks.

43rd In My Class (1993) - West Point Cadet vows to be #1 in his class by graduation day... even if he has to kill.

Park Avenue (1994) - A boy raised by wolves learns it is much better to live in the city.

Rasputin Jones (1994) - Martin Lawrence's first film! Former ghetto cop turned mystic mesmerizes the country club ladies in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Hurling (1994) - American teens start a hurling club to take on the Irish.

Noah's Bark (1994) - Animated. Noah's got a lot on his hands and when he forgets a male Pekingnese, it's up to the other animals to overlook selfish concerns for the survival of their own species and go back and rescue him before it's too late.

Malmo Is In My Heart (1994) - Pop sensation Ace Of Base wrote, directed and starred in this tale of four singers who yearn to break out of their small Swedish town and become the next ABBA.

MOOO!!! (1994) - Horror/comedy starring Kid N' Play. They are asked to be winter caretakers at a haunted dairy farm.

The Third Antichrist (1994) - According to Nostrodamus, first there was Napoleon, then Hitler and now... Tom Berenger?

Where's Waldo - The Movie (1994) - Experimental interactive movie. When the film stops, audience members search the screen for Waldo, pushing a button when they've spotted him. The film resumes when everyone finds Waldo.

Birds Gotta Fly (1994) - "Lady Sings The Blues" set in a junior high - following the life of a drug addicted child singing sensation.

Night Vision (1995) - Bat-like humans are hired by the U.S. Government as spies in Iran.

Buried Memories (aka Forget Me Knot) (1995) - When the only pirate who knows how to find a buried treasure develops Altzheimers, his pirate crew work feverishly to develop a cure to the disease before rival pirates reach Death Island.

The Last Prom (1995) - Doomsday on Prom Night. No nuclear weapon is going to spoil their fun.

The Last Shepherd (1995) - Action-espionage movie about Max Luminsky, the last Cold War spy in Poland who refuses to believe the Cold War is over. The CIA knows he's right.

Down The Pubes (1995) - Filmmaker Ed Burns plays an untalented bastard whose voice hasn't changed but can still bed models.

The End Of Romance (1995) - Romantic comedy set in the year 15,284.


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