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Khan Manka, Jr. A Note From Khan Manka, Jr. - Chairman & CEO

Normally, this space would be utilized by the filmmaker or a movie critic to expound on the greatness of a particular film. But I had to put a kibosh on that and would like to use this space to express my disappointment.

A couple of years ago, Robin Rafe - President of the Manka Bros. Theatrical Group - approached me and said we need to get into the business of producing low cost / high quality films. She mentioned 'The Hangover,' Adam Sandler movies, crap like that. Movies that reach certain audience, breaks records at the box office, and makes loads of cash.

Manka Bros. Films ended up with something different... something below 'crap' - 'Flaccid Trip' - a high-cost / low-quality waste of time (because of the endless reshoots to try and make it even a little bit funny) that will not come close to any record - unless lowest-grossing R-rated comedy in history is something to crow about.

To audiences around the world, I apologize. This is a really bad movie.

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