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Do Dads (Released: January 12, 2007) - Four mild-mannered suburban fathers lose their corporate jobs, but find gainful employment as sassy hairstylists at the hottest salon in Manhattan. Wait til their wives find out!

Scavengerms (Not Released - moved to 2009)

Gitter Dunne (Released: March 30, 2007) - He's a private dick... no, he's a good 'ol boy... private dick... good ol' boy. He's a private dick AND a good 'ol boy out to crack the case of the missing hog.

Tightwad, MO (Released: April 6, 2007) - Bank robbers are at wits end when faced with the penny-pinching hostages they encounter at the savings and loan in this midwestern town.

Freak Accident (Released: May 4, 2007) - A 30-year-old hot shot, ladder climbing, Ivy League corporate lawyer collides with a circus freak and changes bodies...

Suhale And Purdip Kill A Guy (Released: May 11, 2007) - Crazy road adventure of college kids Suhale and Purdip and how they react after they kill a guy.

Man of La Habra (Released: June 8, 2007) - Teenage Don Quixote struggles to fight the windmills of high school.

Cryin' Wolf's First Movie (Released June 15, 2007) - Follow the crazy adventures of America's funniest sad wolf. His first appearance on screen since 1975's Cryin' Wolf's Indian Christmas. Cryin' Wolf's First Movie features the voices of the cast of the MBS hit series Shroud Of Turin.

Disembowel (Released: July 4, 2007) - Someone is killing the CEOs of the Fortune 500 companies from 500 down. Next up: #488 - Fiserv CEO Jeffrey Yabuki.

Magpies on Sadr Day (Released: July 13, 2007) - After the devastating loss of Jackal, the team's star forward and changeling, to insurgent gunfire in Iraq, the Magpies talk their owners into letting them play in a tournament in Fallouja, where they attempt to infiltrate Muqtada al Sadr's organization.

Parody Movie (Released: July 27, 2007) - With the recent success of inexpensive parody comedies, Manka Bros. decided what was good for the goose might be fun for a gander.

Beyond Remote (Released: August 3, 2007) - Manka Bros. TV star-turned-director Nicky Moorehead bounces back from child molestation charges to helm this tale of nine pre-teen boys stranded on a deserted island, their clothing slowly disintegrating.

The Road Less Traveled (Released: August 10, 2007) - In this super-charged action flick based on the poem by Robert Frost, a Cyborg cop takes on a gang of motorcycles thugs on a cross-country rampage.

Lap of Luxury (Released: September 21, 2007) - To ease overcrowding in metropolitan prisons, convicts are asked to transfer to remote facilities, lured by premium cable, gourmet food and internet access. When they refuse, officials are forced to add strippers.

God's Will (Released: October 5, 2007) - When God dies, slacker Frank Rogers unexpectedly finds himself heir to EVERYTHING. (Script was the winner of the 8th Annual Manka Bros. Screenplay Competition.)

The Bloody Stumps Of Elsa Cry (Released: October 19, 2007) - Horror movie about Elsa Cry and her bloody stumps.

Fatal Exception (Released: November 16, 2007) - The first of Brandon Morris' techno-thriller novels comes to the big screen. Corporate I.T. expert Nathan Gerlach has to get past a firewall and proxy settings to save an analyst's PC from crashing.

Handsome And Dradle (formerly Untitled Christmas Movie) (Released Novemer 23, 2007) - Nancy Myers directs this tale of a fiftysomething devout orthodox Jewish woman, who while spending Hanukkah in the seaside resort town of Netanya, Israel, has her whole life turned upside-down when a seventeen year old Palestinian refuse collector falls in love with her. She tries talking to herself, shouting at a computer screen and crying incessantly, but he wins her heart.

The Haymarket Eight (formerly Untitled Academy Award-Type Movie) (Released: December 25, 2007) - Edward Norton, Ed Harris, Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt and Adrien Brody all seriously considered starring in this explosive drama chronicling the struggles of the Chicago union anarchists unfairly prosected in 1886 for detonating a bomb in Haymarket Square. Scorsese almost directed. The creative talent involved are all worthy of accolades.

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