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The Cookie Quarantine (2010) - (Book Three of author Brandon Morris' Nathan Gerlach series) - No one in Accounting can access their user IDs or passwords, and our hero Nathan Gerlach is not about to let his painful carpal tunnel syndrome get in the way of addressing the issue.

Mobsters (2010) - Animated. Cosa Nostra Lobsters control the sea with iron claws. One clan, the Langostinos, is the most notorious underwater family. "Mobsters - Where Everyone Sleeps With The Fishes."

Floors (2010) - From master or horror and ex-Mets 3rd baseman Ray Knight comes this frightening tale of unexpected terror - Floors. Everyone has them. Everyone walks on them. That's how they get you!

Freedom Swimmers (2010) - Fifteen time Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps plays a 1930s Soviet prisoner in the Gulag who decides to lead a group of prisoners to freedom by swimming the White Sea Canal.

501 7th Avenue, Apt. 4D (2010) - What do you do when horror sublets your apartment?

4 Minute Miles (2010) - Sex comedy about Miles and his friends as they all try to figure out to get Miles to last longer than four minutes with hot chicks (or any chick for that matter).

Gurrelieder: BMX Saturday Night (2010) - Arnold Schoenberg's massive oratorio is adapted to the world of BMX dirt bike riding.

Gregory Lopez: Excellent Plumber (2010) - Character driven comedy about the best plumber in Chicago.

Ray Edwards: African Explorer (2010) - Character driven comedy about a former loser who becomes the best African Explorer on the planet.

Mud Jenkins: County Assessor (2010) - Character driven comedy about the travails of the best county assessor on the the planet - Mud Jenkins.

The Planet 4 (Earth Shield 4x) (2010) - Movie adaptation based on the popular comic book characters from the 1970s.

Skull Mark 2025 (2010) - Skull Mark (Earth's most kick ass bio-technologist), last seen in Skull Mark 1987, is transported to the future (2025) to fight a deadly virus that threatens life in 2004.

Frozen Heat (2010) - 1990s action star Drake Derrek returns to the screen in this follow up to Agatha Christie's Crash Landing.

Senior Dance (2010) - Fourth of the "Dance" movies following 2008's "Junior Dance", 2007's "Sophomore Dance" and 2006's "Freshman Dance".

Last Train To Crazy (2010) - Four southern sisters all come home to Crazy, South Carolina to be with their ailing mother over Arbor Day.

Spinners (2010) - Four small town friends, who make a living advertising new home developments on street corners, enter the National Ad Spinners competition, where they endure the consternation of the big-city spinners on their way to the tension-filled final round.



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