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The Planet 4 (Earth Shield 4x) (2010) - Movie adaptation based on the popular MC Comics characters from the 1970s.

Skull Mark 2025 (2010) - Skull Mark (Earth's most kick ass bio-technologist), last seen in Skull Mark 1987, is transported to the future (2025) to fight a dealy virus that threatens life in 2004.

Senior Dance (2010) - Fourth of the "Dance" movies following 2008's "Junior Dance," 2007's "Sophomore Dance" and 2006's "Freshman Dance."

501 7th Avenue, Apt. 4D (2010) - What do you do when horror sublets your apartment?

The 42nd Dimension (2010) - Only one guy knows it exists, but who is going to believe Carl, an overweight, twice divorced insurance adjuster from Akron. With the galaxy about to collapse on itself, the key to Earth's survival is in the 42nd Dimension. The key to the 42nd Dimension is Carl from Akron.

Eddie and the Magic Rattle Snake Bite (2010 - Manka Family) - 10-year-old Eddie is bitten by a magic rattle snake and goes on an adventure to save the Worm Princess.

Arma-Gideon (2010) (Manka Faith) - Armed with only a stack of Bibles and his faith, Gideon spreads the Word and his own love in a post-apocalyptic world with his side-kick Little Johnny Killyou.

Beyond The Lost City (2010) - 40 years in the making, this sequel to Manka Bros.' 1972 cult sci-fi hit "The Lost City" takes audiences BEYOND THE LOST CITY to... a different city (which is also lost).

Damn Straight (2010) - Four gay male friends make a bet to see who can get into a serious straight relationship with a female the fastest. In order to win, the guy must get the woman to fall in love and agree to marry him. He will then dump her on Valentine's Day in a live webcast with the excuse "I've discovered I'm gay."

Bella Sangiovese (2011) - A food and wine editor for the Washington Post leaves her high-pressure life and moves to Viareggio, Italy. Based on the 2005 best-selling Manka Book "Tight Ass Female Seeks Italian Love."

Pope Rob The First (2011) - Rob Schneider (the actor - not a character) accidentally kills the Pope. Before the other Cardinals find out, Rob changes clothes with the dead Pope and takes on his role - attempting to fool everyone, even God.

President Owes The Mob $10 Million (2011) - The newly-elected President owes the Mob $10 million and they want it back. Because he only makes $400K a year, he has to work undercover on nights and weekends at various low level jobs in order to make the payments.

Galaxcaesar (2011) - After the fall of the Roman Empire, many Romans crammed into a crudely built rocket ship and blasted off into space - landing on a planet that is today known as Uranus. The Romans quickly set up a city state on the planet under the ruthless, all powerful dictator Galaxcaesar.

Mobsters (2011) - Animated. Cosa Nostra Lobsters control the sea with iron claws. One clan, the Langostinos, is the most notorious underwater family. "Mobsters - Where Everyone Sleeps With The Fishes."

My Autumn In Milan (2011) - Italian exchange student Milan Callevari falls in love with Elijah, a lonely Ph.d student at M.I.T. only to be stolen away by Dirk, a young, hard rockin', well hung billionaire. Does Elijah have a chance in hell of getting her back?

Pigshot (2011) - Animated. Wink Hammerstein is a very successful business pig and is C.E.O. of Oiking Equity - a prominent Headgehog Fund. The Great Recession of 2008 nearly bankrupts Oiking Equity and two Vulture Capitalists (Ha and Ha) swoop in to take over the firm at fire sale prices. Wink and his trusted colleagues (Foxy Fox, Lloyd Growl and Horace) must band together to save the company.

Plausible Deniability (2011) - Based on the 2009 Manka Book "Death To Satan."

Slammin'! (2011) - On her 50th birthday, Audrey Blankfield leaves her family and her job as a top neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a club DJ in Las Vegas. Neurosurgery and hip hop collide May 2011!

Freedom Swimmers (2011) - Fifteen time Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps stars as a 1930s Soviet prisoner in the Gulag who decides to lead a group of prisoners to freedom by swimming the White Sea Canal.

Witched At Birth (2012) - A hospital mix-up results in a mortal being raised in a coven and a witch being raised in suburbia.

The Backup Goalie, The Punter & The Utility Infielder (2012) - These guys have a lot of time on their hands so they decide to join up and solve crimes - including a plot to kill the President.

Dr. J & Mr. Hyde (2012) - Set in the 1970s during the height of the ABA, Dr. J kills opposing teams on the basketball court with his incredible skills and kills prostitutes at night.

Revision Quest (2012) - A native American goes on the warpath against documentarians to release his soul from the photos in which it is trapped.

King Cop (2012) - After a paperwork glitch names NYPD Lt. Tony Daniels (South Bronx beat) as the new King of Moravia, he decides to clean up that country on gypsy at a time.

Linguini & Clam Sauce (2012) - Animated. A large Italian family is having a reunion. The food in the kitchen tries to escape before they are all eaten.

Pinnochio's Planet 3D (2012) - Animated. A planet populated by little lying wooden boys must defend itself against an invasion by King Kong and his monkey friends.

Outcastaway (2012) - Will having been unwanted all his life make life on this desert isle any easier? YES!

Flag Day (2012) - Horror. A group of zombie war veterans take on a small midwestern town - preying on those who don't put out their flags for Flag Day. (Tagline: This Year Flag Day Is Memorial Day Weekend!)

Purr For The Course (2012) - Inspirational true story of the stray cat that rode Man Of War to victory in the Preakness after his normal jockey was too sick to ride.

Paradise Lust (2012) - In the world of the damned, temptation runs rampant - especially for a convicted sex offender like Richard.

The Moonbeamers (2012) - When the moon is accidentally destroyed, it's up to a group of high school science students on detention to build a new one.

Oldiers (2012) - When American's youth refuse to take to the front lines, it's up to the greatest generation to save the day.


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