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Trouble Clef (2021) - Someone is killing the great 12-tone composers of the world. Probably someone who had to listen to that shit.

The Incubator (2021) - A reclusive billionaire serial killer is funding start-ups just so he can kill the founders... one by one.

Sinheritance (2021) - Sadistic rich uncle Larry dies and leaves behind a will - that can be claimed only by one relative. To earn the inheritance, the winner must commit the Seven Deadly Sins (and record it) in the fastest amount of time.

Morbidness (2021) - Charles Yang, a macabre book store owner in San Francisco, increases his sales after people start getting murdered in his shop.

The Harmer In The Dell (2021) - The Harmer kills the wife. The Harmer kills the child. The Harmer kills the nurse. The Harmer kills the cow. The Harmer kills the dog. The Harmer kills the cat. The Harmer kills the mouse. The Harmer eats the cheese.

Get That Moose! (2021 - Manka Family) - There's one talking moose in all of Nova Scotia - and he got away. Are you kidding me?! That moose is worth a million dollars on the interview circuit - but first we have to save him from the first day of hunting season!

Doggo Saves The World (2021 - Manka Family) - Thank God for good boye Rusty Dog who, against all odds, saves the world from a nuclear meltdown.

Heatseeker (2021) - Manka Bros. 1980s action star Drake Derrek makes his action movie return as a spy who... never mind, it sucks (and he's totally old and out of shape - big mistake).

The Murder Of Margie Louise (2021) - Adapted from the popular Manka Bros. true crime podcast Crunching Leaves, the unsolved murder of former 1920s 'It' girl on the Manka Bros. studio lot remains a fascinating cold case.

My Fabulous 40th Birthday Party With My Rich Fucking Friends! (2021) - It's a perfectly magical night for Kaitlyn and her amazing friends until a long lost high school acquaintance shows up driving a Jetta!

Aladdin's Christmas in Mecca (2021) - Animated. It's a magical night for Aladdin, his Monkey friend and all the rest of the gang.

Untitled Christmas Movie (2021) - Movie about a dysfunctional family getting together at Christmas or some kid who doesn't believe in Santa Claus [the script isn't finished].

Untitled Academy Awards-type Movie (2021) - High-quality drama that has a really good shot at getting Academy Award nominations [story logline unavailable because the script isn't finished.]

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