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The South Shall Rise Again (1999) - A lonely civil war enthusiast uses his time machine to bring back General Robert E. Lee to ask him some questions about how to get a woman.

Salinger's Ghost (1999) - A lonely young woman opens a bookstore in J.D. Salinger's home town, hoping that eventually they will strike a friendship or love affair.

Stone Pillows (1998) - A lonely librarian moves to China to live in a cave and, hopefully, find love.

Archer's Way (1998) - The lonely business editor for the New York Times falls for an archer in the back woods of Arkansas. [Made into the 2004 Manka Bros. Film "In The Arms Of An Archer."]

Just Hyde (1998) - Eliminates the non-scary parts of the classic novel Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. [This was the first book of the Manka Goth line of graphic novels aimed at teenage boys.]

Jew's Harp (1997) - An antique Jew's Harp found in an attic brings back memories to a lonely aging widower.

Keats & Shelly (1996) - The dead poet John Keats helps Shelly, a lonely modern day college freshman, with her relationship problems.

The Flying Fish Of Rae Dawn Chong (1995) - Award-winning Southern writer Gene Maunam sets this coming of age story in his native central Alabama. The title refers to the young narrator who always mispronounced the name of the local lake. [Made into the Manka Bros. Films movie of the same name in 1997.]

Mrs. Kensington's Amazing Drunk Party Night (1993) - Fifteen years after the death of her husband, lonely Mrs. Kensington decides to throw caution to the wind and invites a bunch of strange single men from her church for a night of heavy drinking. [Made into the Manka Bros. Films movie of the same name in 2013.]

Cutie Cat's Pop-Up Mysteries (1990) - The last volume of a very popular series of baby lit books ends tragically with Cutie Cat having sex with Mousy Mouse and the two of them running off together to Mexico.



Committed (1989) - Love flourishes in a psychiatric hospital between two lonely mental patients.

Even Wilder (1989) - Alexandra Ripley ("Scarlett") continues with the further adventures of Laura Ingals Wilder.

I, Amphibian (1988) - One man's diary documenting a nightmarish journey from cold to warm blooded. [Made into a Manka Bros. Television mini-series in 1991.]

Coq A Vin (1988) - A burned-out, lonely, corporate attorney from New York learns the true meaning of life during her Summer visit to Provence, France. [Made into the Manka Highbrow film "Wine Chicken."]

The Granddaughter Also Rises (1987) - Short stories and poems from Margeaux Hemingway.

Another Christmas In Jail (1985) - Short stories from the inmates at Riker's Island Prison.

In The Shadow of Mary Wollenstonecraft (1984) - A lonely modern-day feminist searches for the truth and love amongst the Republicans of Orange County, California.



You Got My Goat (1976) - Newberry Prize winning pop-up book with real goat hair for children to touch.

Country Cat (1970s) - Acclaimed series of children's books about Country Cat, who saw Morris on TV and leaves the farm to become a celebrity cat. The naive cat finds herself in a seedy world of cat-tle calls and litter box auditions.



A Stitch In Time (1969 - MB Sci-Fi) - When a madman takes them to another dimension, Black Mac Macintyre must utilize a wormhole in space to retrieve Presidents Washington through Harrison.

Exhibit Bee (1963) - The timeless thriller from children's crime author Edgar Hedrick. A frightened young bumble bee finds himself the sole witness to a grisly murder. [Manka Bros. produced a film version in 1966.]



Trails Of Triumph (1953) - William Tingemore's bestseller about pioneers settling the old West. [Adapted into the Manka Bros. Films movie "Please Baby, Hold Me Tight" featuring blind rockabilly sensation Carl Henky in his first screen role.]



Meet Me In Casarobles (1943) - Set against World War II, a couple decides that if they truly love each other, they will meet on April 1st in Casarobles. Will these war torn lovers still find each other even though Casarobles doesn't exist?

Mr. Lovely's House Of Lovenians (1940) - Classic E.A. Thornton novel concerns Mr. Lovely's gentle world and how it is shattered with the news that World War 1 has broken out in Europe. [Made into the Manka Highbrow film of the same name in 2005.]



A Crack In The Grass (1937) - Classic novel by Herman Ramsey. An American Medic in the Spanish Civil War goes AWOL and rambles aimlessly through Spain.


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