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Author Topic:   College Football - 2005
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posted August 26, 2005 03:09 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for indiedan   Click Here to Email indiedan     Edit/Delete Message
Leinart's one class: ballroom dancing
QB of 2-time national champion USC only needs 2 units to graduate

The Associated Press

Matt Leinart would like to dance away from USC with another national championship.

The fifth-year senior will have plenty of time to focus on football in his final season. Leinart is enrolled in one class: Ballroom dancing will fulfill the final elective for his sociology degree, The Los Angeles Times reported.

"I put in my work to get my degree," he told the paper. "I came back for my fifth year, and I'm taking what's necessary for me to graduate. And that's two units."

NCAA rules require student-athletes to enroll in 12 semester or quarter hours unless they are in their final semester or quarter and are taking the courses needed to graduate.

The exception was adopted in 1975 and has been revised, said Brad Hostetter, director of NCAA membership services.

"The goal is for the student-athlete to graduate, and this exception is there to recognize that there are student-athletes that have done their job in the classroom throughout their previous years and have gotten close to graduation," Hostetter told the Times.

Wide receiver Greig Carlson is also taking only one class, while seven other fifth-year seniors are working on master's degrees or another bachelor's degree or minor, the Times reported.

"It's all up to the individual," coach Pete Carroll told the paper. "I think they've earned that right. They earned that by hard work."

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posted August 29, 2005 11:29 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Rosencrantz     Edit/Delete Message
Go Notre Dame! 9 and 2! And a birth in the Sugar Bowl!

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posted September 10, 2005 03:30 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for indiedan   Click Here to Email indiedan     Edit/Delete Message
CBS Sports Has a New Game Plan: The Web

As part of a previously announced plan to focus its expansion on the Internet -- thereby skirting cable, where it has a meager presence -- CBS said Thursday that it will immediately beef up CBS with broadband content. Speaking to reporters during a conference call, CBS Sports President Sean McManus said that the site "gives us an outlet for a lot of things that we would like to be putting on CBS Sports but can't because of time constraints." Added Larry Kramer, president of CBS Digital Media: "It allows us to build a 24-hour, 7-day a week relationship with our viewers. These viewers want programming available when they want to see it." The centerpiece of the revamped site will be what the company calls "TheEyebox," featuring video clips, many of which are preceded by a 15-second ad. Nike has signed a deal to become the exclusive sponsor during its launch, but the site reportedly also has deals in place with BlackBerry, Visa, Volkswagen, Geico, Subway, CDW and UPS. CBS has added a new video studio to its headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale to produce programming for the site, that initially will include an NFL highlights show and an NCAA football highlights show. Audio material from the various features will also be available as podcasts. Meanwhile, News Corp. announced Thursday that it is expanding its own Internet presence, paying $650 million in cash for IGN Entertainment, which primarily operates a number of videogame sites as well as the movie sites Rotten Tomatoes and FilmForce.

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posted September 20, 2005 04:00 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for fred   Click Here to Email fred     Edit/Delete Message
Sugar Bowl will be played in Baton Rouge or Atlanta

By RALPH D. RUSSO, AP Sports Writer

The Sugar Bowl will be played in either Baton Rouge, La., or Atlanta after being forced out of the Superdome in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina.

Sugar Bowl officials said Tuesday they will know in about three weeks whether Louisiana has recovered sufficiently to keep the game in the state where it has been played every year since it was established in 1935.

Tiger Stadium on the LSU campus holds almost 92,000 and would make an adequate game site, but the city of Baton Rouge has insufficient hotel rooms and infrastructure to host an event that would attract thousands on Jan. 2.


That means New Orleans would need to be ready to house most of the fans, participants and media going to the game.

``We are going to continue to talk with city and state officials, everybody who will need to be involved in this process,'' Sugar Bowl executive director Paul Hoolahan said in a teleconference from Chicago with BCS officials. ``This is totally about New Orleans.''

Atlanta already has given Sugar Bowl officials the OK to use the Georgia Dome, which hosts the Southeastern Conference championship game in December. That made Atlanta an obvious and convenient choice as a temporary home for one of college football's longest-running and most recognizable events.

The SEC has a long relationship with the Sugar Bowl, having sent its champion there for decades.

The Peach Bowl is scheduled to be played in the Georgia Dome on Dec. 30, and the Falcons have an NFL game scheduled there on Sunday, Jan. 1, but Atlanta officials have assured the Sugar Bowl that those games wouldn't interfere.

Ideally, though, bowl and BCS officials would like the Sugar Bowl to remain in Louisiana.

``We want to be part of the recovery story for the state and the Gulf region,'' Bowl Championship Series commissioner Kevin Weiberg said.

The game brings $150 million-$200 million in revenue to the state and city, Hoolahan said.

``We want to be able to go to the legislators, the mayor and the governor knowing that we did everything humanly possible to make it happen in the state of the Louisiana,'' said Hoolahan, a New Orleans resident who has relocated to Houston with his family since the storm hit Aug. 29.

One of four BCS games, the Sugar Bowl hosts the national championship game once every four years, along with the Rose, Fiesta and Orange bowls.

The Rose Bowl hosts the national title game this season. The Sugar Bowl is next slated to host the championship game after the 2007 season.

The Superdome has hosted the Sugar Bowl since 1975. Before then it was played at Tulane Stadium, starting in 1935.

Hoolahan remained positive about the possibility of playing the game in Baton Rouge, despite the fact that on Monday New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin suspended the reopening of his city and ordered nearly everyone to leave town again.

``I can't say with any level of confidence today that it won't be played in Baton Rouge,'' Hoolahan said.

Hoolahan estimated the Sugar Bowl needs 32,000 hotel rooms available in Baton Rouge and New Orleans for the game to be played in Louisiana. Some hotels have begun to reopen in New Orleans, but those rooms were being quickly filled by recovery and hotel employees, Hoolahan said.

And even if the rooms become available, the rest of the city must be repaired enough to keep visitors safe.

``We don't want to hamper the recovery operation in any way,'' Hoolahan said. ``However, we want to see if there is room where we can coexist.''

He said numerous other cities expressed interest in hosting the Sugar Bowl, though he did not name any.

The future of the Sugar Bowl beyond 2006 is even more uncertain, though Hoolahan said he believes the Superdome could be adequately fixed by next year.

He also spoke of the possibility of a new stadium or sports complex being built in New Orleans.

``We would like to think the new Superdome can become the economical engine of the recovery,'' he said.

But Sugar Bowl officials are far away from being able to even guess about where the game will be played in 2007 and beyond.

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posted September 23, 2005 10:48 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for indiedan   Click Here to Email indiedan     Edit/Delete Message
Leinart's star shines brightly in L.A. scene

By Pat Forde

LOS ANGELES -- For the record, and contrary to Internet myth (imagine such a thing), Matt Leinart says he does not have a bodyguard.

True, campus security has been utilized at times to provide Leinart and teammate Reggie Bush safe passage through the autograph hounds, jock gawkers and thrill seekers who clog the way off the practice field at the University of Sporting Celebrities.

And security was in place to repel an adoration assault upon Leinart and Bush at the Trojans' annual preseason fan barbecue. But, no: When No. 11 is out among the people, you're not likely to find a sadistic no-neck behemoth scanning the crowd for threats to Leinart's personal space.

Whether appearing at the ESPY's or passing to Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart is having fun.
He's just your average Jimmy Kimmel guest, really. Another college student leading a simple existence between ESPY appearances, Rolling Stone interviews and guest spots with Jim Rome. Nothing more than a Joe Bag o' Donuts dude with a Heisman Trophy and his own video PR campaign, shared with Bush. (, as described on the USC athletic Web site: "It's raw, it's edgy, it's fun it's Trojan football, reality TV style.")

Leinart has birthdays with cake and candles, just like everybody else (served at Mood, one of L.A.'s freshest clubs). And his friends sing "happy birthday" to him just like everyone else (the singers being Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, etc.). He puts his pants on one leg at a time (and they're nice pants, worn in the recent Esquire and GQ photo shoots).

"Matt Leinart," USC teammate LenDale White says, "is probably the biggest celebrity in L.A."

That's all.

A pregame trip around the L.A. Coliseum, before the Trojans atomized Arkansas 70-17, lends weight to White's words. Four glamorous, attractive, thirty-something blondes were walking in a pack outside the stadium, and all were wearing Leinart jerseys.

This is the borderline fictional life Leinart has landed in -- he and all the Trojans, thanks to their historic run of excellence. Chicks who normally shop Prada walk around in your jersey, en masse.

No wonder a guy who seems, in his gut, to be first-team All-Affable can be aggrandized to the point of needing security simply to survive an autograph session.

"If I'm going to be at an event signing autographs for two hours, people have to understand," Leinart explained Saturday night, after the latest and possibly greatest offensive masterpiece to date. "I'm not a mean person if I say no."

He's not a mean person, no. He's not even an aloof person under normal circumstances -- but the Trojans passed normal at least one national title ago. So Leinart has had to learn a lesson in protective selfishness during this dizzying metamorphosis from dumpy kid to college stud to rock star.

"[The demands] are a lot," he acknowledged, with eyes that betray a hint of media weariness. "But that's what I've come to understand."

Here's what we all need to understand: USC football, once a faded entity in a fully stocked pro market, has been elevated to NFL-level status in L.A. -- and, truthfully, beyond. To Hollywood A-list status.

You've got a college team that put 90,000 in the Coliseum to watch a game everyone knew would be a blowout. Home games in the monstrous old venue already are sold out for UCLA and Fresno State, and all the rest will draw well. Hard to believe it was only five years ago that the Trojans drew an average of 57,339.

Events have conspired to make the Men of Troy, led by their quarterback, the trendiest athletes in the trendiest town on Earth. The quest for a threepeat national title, the return of a charismatic defending Heisman Trophy winner and his nitroglycerine sidekick, the deconstruction of Kobe Bryant, the absence of the NFL, the relative facelessness of the local baseball franchises stir it all together, and you have a college team that's become a phenomenon.

"We've got tons of stars," veteran USC sports information director Tim Tessalone said. "With Reggie above that 'star' plateau and Leinart at the 'celebrity' level. In my 27 years here, he's the first 'celebrity' we've had. We've had lots of stars who went on to become celebs -- Marcus [Allen], Keyshawn [Johnson], [Ronnie] Lott, [Jason] Sehorn, etc. -- but none who were at this level in college. And Reggie is approaching that, too. Being in L.A., and the dearth of sports stars on the other teams in town our guys seem to be taking center stage."

The only comparable college team I've seen, in terms of stage presence, star power and squeal appeal, was Duke's 1992 repeat national basketball champions. Leinart is Christian Laettner, the charismatic, untouchable leading man -- only a lot more likeable. Bush is Grant Hill, the guy most likely to drop your jaw at any given moment. Pete Carroll is Coach K, with fewer controlling urges.

The buzz surrounding that Duke team, as it rolled through the epic regional final game against Kentucky in Philadelphia and then the Final Four in Minneapolis, was palpable. The Blue Devils' public workouts in the Spectrum and the Metrodome were spectacles.

But those were the closing acts of a repeat. USC is in the opening acts of a threepeat. And the scene is L.A. Can you imagine what it will be like if the Trojans keep marching along unbeaten into the Rose Bowl to play for the national championship?

"It's pretty crazy," wide receiver Steve Smith said. "I haven't seen it this intense in forever. You can't let it get to you.

"It's getting tough with all the people coming around, but as long as we have great leaders on this team, we'll be all right."

You know where the leadership starts on this team. Same place as the star power.

When the potential No. 1 NFL draft pick comes back to take a ballroom dancing class and sling it around one more time, he's got the admiration of his peers. Right now, the idea of becoming the most decorated college player ever sounds a whole lot better than being bludgeoned (or, worse, carrying a clipboard) in San Francisco.

"I don't regret anything," Leinart said firmly.

He is the perfect embodiment of Carroll's this-is-supposed-to-be-a-blast ethos. He used the F-word several times in the locker room after the Arkansas romp:

"College football's just fun."

"It's fun, yeah. The fans are great. They've helped us in our home games."

"We have so much fun out there."

And that's why he's still playing college ball, instead of pulling down millions in the No Fun League. This game can be a joy -- especially when you play it the way Leinart does.

"Matt just is rolling," Carroll said admiringly. "He's in such command right now."

Not only that, but Matt Leinart isn't tiptoeing around out there, trying to save himself from injury from now until draft day. He's competing like a sandlot hero, lumbering 17 rather glacial yards for a touchdown at one point against the Razorbacks. He took a shot near the goal line and came up jubilant.

No bodyguards present on that play. None needed, either.

Pat Forde is a senior writer at He can be reached at

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posted October 10, 2005 12:36 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for indiedan   Click Here to Email indiedan     Edit/Delete Message
USC has concerns going into Notre Dame game

By BETH HARRIS, AP Sports Writer

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Even as the No. 1 team in the country, Southern California has things to work on. Like too many penalties and those slow starts that force the undefeated Trojans to rally.

Sure, it's exciting for the fans, but needing big second halves to win the last three weeks can eventually take its toll.

That's why the Trojans (5-0) will try to correct their mistakes this week before heading to South Bend, Ind., for a big game against No. 9 Notre Dame (4-1).


``We'll be up for them and they'll be up for us,'' quarterback Matt Leinart said after USC defeated pesky Arizona 42-21 Saturday for its 27th consecutive victory, best in the nation.

``It's a great stadium and there's a lot of tradition in the rivalry, but we're going to treat it like any other game. That's how we do it. We don't care if it's Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Arizona, whoever. It doesn't matter,'' said Leinart, who is 30-1 as a starter.

Penalties have dogged the Trojans recently. While preparing to play Arizona, they emphasized cleaning up the miscues, and they did somewhat. USC had six penalties for 60 yards Saturday, nearly half of what it had in games against Arizona State and Oregon.

Coach Pete Carroll said Saturday's performance was better, then added, ``That (turnovers) is what it takes to disrupt a rhythm. That's not characteristic of the way we want to play.''

Arizona also exposed some deficiencies for USC's special teams. The kickoff unit gave up five returns for 159 yards, including a 76-yarder to Syndric Steptoe in the third quarter that set up a touchdown for the Wildcats, who trailed 28-21.

Carroll acknowledged that the Trojans didn't earn any style points.

``There are prettier ways and more comfortable plays, but I don't worry about that,'' he said. ``I don't care how we win. I just like getting wins.''

The Trojans started slowly for the third straight week, and led by just a touchdown entering the fourth quarter. They scored twice in the fourth to put the game away.

``Coach Carroll champions the call of finishing. That's the motto of this team,'' linebacker Oscar Lua said. ``Everything we do from warmup to the game, it's ingrained in our training.''

Leinart threw for 360 yards, two touchdowns and one interception, which ended a drive. The Trojans also had a fumble in the first half, when they led 14-7.

One area that continued to produce was the running game. Tailbacks LenDale White and Reggie Bush each topped 100 yards for a school-record third straight game.

White scored a career-high four touchdowns and ran for 179 yards; Bush added 110 yards despite twisting his right knee in a pileup in the first quarter. He didn't score for the first time in five games.

The injury, described as a minor sprain, caused soreness, but Bush said he didn't expect to miss any time.

``We hadn't had the running game in our focus and they came out exploding,'' Lua said. ``They did a great job.''

The Fighting Irish were idle Saturday, so they'll have had two weeks to prepare for the Trojans.

``We can't control the intangibles and the environment,'' safety Ryan Ting said. ``But as long as we keep doing our job and doing things right, then there's no stopping us.''

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posted October 12, 2005 08:21 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for indiedan   Click Here to Email indiedan     Edit/Delete Message
Irish confident against USC despite three 31-point losses

By TOM COYNE, AP Sports Writer
October 12, 2005
SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) -- To beat Southern California, the Notre Dame players first have to believe they can.

After all, Notre Dame's psyche has taken a beating against the Trojans of late, with the Irish losing the last three meetings by 31 points each.

``Just getting them to believe they had a chance to win the game is easier said than done,'' coach Charlie Weis said.


Weis has himself partially to blame. When he arrived last winter one of his first messages to the Irish was that they were a 6-6 team for a reason. He then reminded his players they had lost by 31 to USC.

``I basically told them you are already down 31, let's see where we can go from there. Let's see if we can close the gap a little bit,'' Weis said. ``You start off embarrassing them. Then for the rest of the time all you do is try to build up their confidence.''

Weis said that's what he's focused on as the ninth-ranked Irish (4-1) prepare for this Saturday's matchup against the top-ranked Trojans (5-0). He showed the team the first half of USC's game against Arizona State, when the Sun Devils led 21-3 at halftime. He didn't show the second half, when the Trojans outscored the Sun Devils 35-7.

``That's a typical psychological ploy you use. To try to say, 'Hey, you play like this and just play it for 60 minutes, you are going to have a chance,''' Weis said.

Tailback Darius Walker said Weis also compared the two teams.

``When you compare apples to apples, it kind of seems like a very similar team in a way,'' he said. ``We understand if we just go out there and play our part, we can beat this team.''

The Irish players also watched USC's 34-31 triple overtime loss to California two years ago, the Trojans' only defeat the past two seasons.

``It wasn't that Cal did anything spectacular. They just played their game,'' Irish safety Tom Zbikowski said.

But the Irish players said they didn't watch the Arizona State or California game tapes to feel better about themselves. They also didn't need any convincing by Weis. They know beating USC is possible.

``All the talk in the off week was that we can play with these guys,'' Walker said. ``It really didn't take coach Weis coming in and comparing apples to apples and telling us we could for us to know that.''

The players, however, do credit Weis with changing their attitude. It just isn't in the past week. It's been the message he's sent to them since he arrived on campus.

``He came in here and told us he's a winner and he expects for us to win,'' guard Dan Santucci said. ``He told us to win we have to be confident within ourselves and within our team. It's an attitude you have to have.''

Defensive tackle Derek Landri believes the biggest challenge teams face against the Trojans is being intimidated by their two straight national championships and their winning streak, which now stands at 27 games.

``The media likes to build them up to this unbeatable force that's unstoppable,'' he said. ``Nobody's unbeatable.''

Landri said he saw opponents face the same challenge when he played for De Le Salle High School in Concord, Calif. The team won 151 straight games over 13 years before losing last season.

``People were beat before we even played them because they were so psyched out about how good we were and how we recruited and different things like that,'' he said.

USC quarterback Matt Leinart agrees.

``I'm sure teams come in knowing they can't win. Teams try to convince themselves, but inside they know they can't,'' he said.

Leinart doesn't expect that from Notre Dame, though. Neither do the Irish.

So how confident is this year's Notre Dame squad? Walker is hoping for a fourth straight blowout in the series, only this time with a twist.

``What our goal is to get out there and reverse that 31 points, put us winning by 31,'' Walker said.

Is that a prediction?

``No, I wouldn't say it's a prediction,'' Walker said, ``but it's definitely something I'd like to see.''

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posted October 24, 2005 01:02 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for jollyjoe   Click Here to Email jollyjoe     Edit/Delete Message
Texas surprise No. 1 in new BCS standings

MORRISTOWN, New Jersey (Ticker) - Southern California's 27-point road victory over Washington on Saturday apparently did not mean much to the computers.

In a huge surprise, Texas leapfrogged USC to take the top spot in the new Bowl Championship Series standings released Monday.

Last week, the Trojans held the top spot with a BCS average of .9923, but they slipped to .9756 even after routing the Huskies on the road, 51-24.


The Longhorns, who had been at .9591, moved up to .9763 to claim the top spot after routing Texas Tech at home, 42-17.

USC remained a comfortable No. 1 in both the Harris Interactive and USA Today polls, two of the BCS standings' three components, but had a computer average of just .940 compared to Texas' 1.00.

The .0007 margin between the teams is the slimmest difference between the top two teams in BCS standings history. The last time a team dropped from the top spot without losing was on November 16, 2002, when Miami overtook Ohio State.

Fellow unbeatens Virginia Tech (.9164), Georgia (.8679), Alabama (.8513) and UCLA (.8513) comprise the second through sixth slots. Miami (.7114), Louisiana State (.7065), Penn State (.6450) and Florida State (.5735) complete the top 10.

The standings are computed by averaging the percent totals of the two polls plus computer rankings derived from six sources. The two polls and the compilation of computer rankings each count 1/3 toward a team's score.

To be eligible for one of the four BCS bowl games, a team must have nine victories and finish in the top 12 in the final BCS standings.

The BCS national championship game will be held January 4, 2006 at the Rose Bowl.

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posted November 21, 2005 04:45 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for fred   Click Here to Email fred     Edit/Delete Message
Here's a projection on who might go to what bowl...

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posted January 03, 2006 02:00 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for indiedan   Click Here to Email indiedan     Edit/Delete Message
Keith Jackson's Last Hurrah?

Keith Jackson may be calling his final college football game for ABC's telecast of the Rose Bowl game between Texas and Southern California Wednesday night, the New York Times reported today (Tuesday). In an interview with the newspaper, Jackson, 77, said, "I'm pretty sure I'm going to walk, but I don't know for sure." ESPN Executive Vice President Norby Williamson told the newspaper that ABC Sports/ESPN want to re-sign Jackson, whose contract expires in May. "We want him back," Williamson said. "Keith is the greatest college football announcer ever, and we will always have a place for him here. There's no one like him. It's up to Keith." Jackson, noting that "ABC Sports is dying" and that sports telecasts are being assigned to sibling ESPN, remarked, "This is a whole new generational approach to doing things, a philosophy with which I'm not familiar." Separately, Jackson told Newsday that he's considering a new career. "I'd say there is a very good possibility of becoming a shop steward for the International Porchsetters Union." (On Monday night, ABC overwhelmed the competition with college football coverage, averaging a 10.6 rating and a 16 share for the night, peaking at 8:00 p.m. with a 13.3/20 for the conclusion of the Fiesta Bowl and the start of the Sugar Bowl. CBS was a distant second with a 7.8/12, followed by NBC with a 6.8/10 and Fox with a 3.6/6.)

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posted January 04, 2006 11:26 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for NEWSFLASH   Click Here to Email NEWSFLASH     Edit/Delete Message
Ratings Expected To Come Up Roses For Rose Bowl

ABC's telecast of the Rose Bowl Game between USC and Texas from Pasadena tonight (Wednesday) is expected to break the ratings record for college bowl games. Borrowing a metaphor from a different sport, Loren Matthews, ABC Sports senior vice president/programming, told USA Today: "And if we get snow in the Northeast, we've got a home run!" The newspaper said that the network will deploy 30 cameras to cover the game; however, it quoted ABC producer Mark Loomis as saying, "You don't need a lot of gimmicks for this one. We've put out more machinery than we've ever had -- but no fancy tricks." Meanwhile, the network's telecast of the Orange Bowl Tuesday night threw the opposition for a big loss. The game between Penn State and Florida State averaged a 12.1/18, peaking in the 9:00 hour with a 13.7/20, according to Nielsen overnights. Second-place CBS was well behind with a 7.5/11, while NBC was in third place with a 6.6/10. Fox trailed with a 4.9/7. The competition was particularly tough on NBC's returning Scrubs, which averaged a 4.8/7 in the 9:00 hour with back-to-back episodes.

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posted January 05, 2006 02:57 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for indiedan   Click Here to Email indiedan     Edit/Delete Message
Bowl Game Comes Up Roses for ABC

As expected, ABC's telecast of the Rose Bowl Game, in which Texas defeated USC in the final moments, averaged a massive 33.95 million viewers Wednesday night -- more than all of the other TV networks combined. The game averaged a 20.6 rating and a 31 share in primetime (a 22.8/35 between 8:15 p.m. and 12:30 a.m.), peaking in the 9:00 p.m. hour with a 22.6/33. No network even came close. NBC, which decided to counterprogram with a two-hour premiere of The Biggest Loser: Special Edition, was one of the big losers for the night. A 5.6/8 in the 8:00 hour put it in second place for the hour. CBS aired only reruns.

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posted January 06, 2006 02:49 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for fred   Click Here to Email fred     Edit/Delete Message
Virginia Tech kicks Marcus Vick off football team

By HANK KURZ Jr., AP Sports Writer
January 6, 2006

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- Virginia Tech quarterback Marcus Vick was dismissed from the team Friday, the result of numerous legal transgressions and his unsportsmanlike conduct in the Gator Bowl.

University president Charles Steger announced the dismissal on the same day that coach Frank Beamer met with Vick and his mother in their Hampton Roads home, the school said. Beamer informed them of the decision during the meeting.


Vick, the younger brother of Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick, was suspended from school in 2004 for several legal problems. The junior came under new and intense scrutiny this week after replays showed he stomped on the left calf of Louisville All-American defensive end Elvis Dumervil during the Jan. 2 bowl.

No penalty was called on the play and Vick claimed its was accidental. He further hurt his cause by claiming to have apologized to Dumervil, but the Louisville player said no such apology was ever offered.

On Friday, it was revealed that Vick had been stopped for speeding and driving with a revoked or suspended license in Hampton on Dec. 17. Vick's license had been taken away last year when he was cited for reckless driving and marijuana possession in New Kent County.

Steger suspended Vick from school at that time, and warned that any additional problems would effectively end his time as a member of the Hokies' football team.

"The university provided one last opportunity for Vick to become a citizen of the university and readmitted him in January 2005, with the proviso that any future problems would result in automatic dismissal from the team," Steger said Friday.

Beamer said in a statement that he was disappointed with the outcome.

"I'm very disappointed that this didn't have a better ending," Beamer said in a statement. "We wanted what's best for this football team and Marcus. I certainly wish him the best."

School officials said in a statement that there would be no further comment until a news conference on Saturday. Beamer, Steger and athletic director Jim Weaver, who said the stomping embarrassed the university, were all expected to attend.

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