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The World's Largest Media Company

July 22, 1959:  Vice President Richard Nixon visits Manka Bros. Studios and marvels at Harry Manka's elaborate phone bugging system. Nixon would later use this system to bug his political opponents.
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We make movies so you won't have to.

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No platitudes, just the world's best television.

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The soundtrack of the world. 

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Books, Mankazines, Blogs and the World's Greatest Comic Book Imprint - MC Comics

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Anchored by podcast studio yxo (Bulgarian for ear), M.A.N. has everything for your "yxos."

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We take chances. Seriously, LOTS of chances. It's boring if every show's a hit!

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Kids are our future - but right now, they're our free cash flow.

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There's a LOT of money in Jesus! A lot. (And the other religions, too!)

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Studio History

Founded by 3 Bulgarian brothers (Khan, Simeon and Harry) in 1911.

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In a controversial interview with The New Yorker, The Shrieking Potato - one of Manka Bros.' most endearing children's characters - goes on the record as the country's first Pro Choice animated vegetable.