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2011 Film Slate

Snuffing Out The Magic Fury (2011) - A feverish rumination on the chaotic life and tragic downfall of avant-garde alt-rocker Shiv Treacle of the all-girl band Vulva.

God (The Authorized Biography) (2011) - After shooting for nearly two months in and around Austin, Texas, 18-year-old filmmaker Eli Edwards has completed his masterwork and definitively answered all possible questions about the life and existence of God.

The Incarceration Of Thomas Freeman (2011) - After failing to get his first film into the Sundance Film Festival, director Thomas Freeman threatens to blow up Park City, Utah. His arrest and incarceration made media headlines around the world. This film based on the incident has been accepted into the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

sexydrinkbar (2011) - From Chinese director Duoshao Qian comes this 1940s period drama set in China as an American attempts to set up a 'sexydrinkbar' club during the reign of Chang Kai Chek in the shadows of Mao's Long March.

Actor Moves To L.A. To Be An Actor But Decides To Do Cocaine Instead (2011) - With the full support of his parents, Scott Montrose drops acting and decides to be the best drug addict he can possibly be.

Der Ring des Nibelungen (2011) - The complete cycle of Wagner's four epic operas (Das Reingold, Die Walkure, Siegfried and Gotterdammerung) shot on a mini-dv camera in a backyard in Burbank.

Banquo's Ghost In Manhattan (2011) - Ghost from Macbeth tries to find love in modern day New York.

The Pedophile's Son's Graduation Party (2011) - Who will show up and what will they say?

The Chill Of The Season (2011) - Every February as the temperatures drop into the 60s on a north shore beach in Maui, a group of surf punks put on their shirts and convene at Poi's Village Joe to write poetry about life, love and surfing.

A Bright Hue (2011) - After studying painting for a year in Paris, aspiring artist Amy Upton comes home for Christmas to her shit kicking family and friends in Salt Lick, Texas.

Tangible Madness (2011) - A dysfunctional family of a crazy people are held together by Jenny (the craziest of them all) as she attempts to get them through one final family vacation.

Within The Stillness (2011) - A young couple attempts to work out their marital problems while waiting for help to arrive after their car gets washed away in a flash flood.

He Knew She Was Coming (2011) - A lonely clairvoyant hot young Iowa farmer named Kallem prays every night for some hot city chick to come to his isolated farmhouse to jack him off. His prayers are answered - over and over again.

Narcolepsy (2011) - Joey and Missy, two narcoleptic dead end kids from Detroit take a road trip to Oregon to escape their abusive families. Unfortunately, they keep falling asleep at the absolute worst times.




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