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Hot Pants USA (1976) - Loosely based on "King Lear" about an aging owner of a roller disco being forced to pass it along to the next generation.

General Rufus (1976) - After a screw-up at the Pentagon, a dog is given the high command over the World War II allied invasion of Normandy. It was the best mistake the Pentagon ever made.

Swine (1976) - Horrifying look at a post-apocalyptic world after a swine flu pandemic wipes out most of the world's population making mutant pig-beasts out of the survivors.

Harlem Soul Ninjas (1976) - G. Gordon Castle's blaxploitation film about three soul ninjas that fight against Whitey's attempt to build a shopping mall in Harlem's Chinatown.

Too Many Badgets (1976) - Maximillian J. Rainbow makes fun of his previous "Too Many" movies with this silly tale of badgers overtaking the circus.

I Got The Music In Me (1976) - Pat McCormick and Marty Allen star as rock and roll promoters who decide to promote themselves as a hot new rock act.

32 Days In November (1976) - A magnetic meteor shower causes the world's watches and clocks to stop - nearly causing a nuclear war.

The Knights Of Trixie LaRue (1976) - There's more than one hot night in this steamy romance set during an especially warm summer on the Georgia coast. Directed by G. Gordon Castle.

Don't Lock The Door! (1976) - The only place it's not safe is inside the house.

Kung Fu Fighting (1976) - The Carol Douglas song is now a major motion picture!

Ragamuffin Rags (1976) - Story about the lovable dog, Rags, and his charming misadventures in suburbia.

Four Days In July (1977) - Watergate-type thriller about the Queen of England and the leader of the IRA.

Death Rains Down From England (1977) - Directed by G. Gordon Castle. Story of a fictional invasion of the U.S. by England during Prohibition.

Machete Maniac II: Billy's Back (1977) - Billy, the toothless hillbilly with machetes for arms, leaves the woods for Nashville - stalking a country music band.

Boogie Men (1977) - Clint Eastwood and Elliot Gould star in this sequel to "I Got The Music In Me."

Friar Robinson (1977) - Former NFL star Myron "Flash" Jones makes his film debut as a cop that "makes Shaft look like a baby girl kitten." When Jones goes undercover to stop a maniacal serial killer masquerading as a monk, all Hell breaks loose!

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night! (1977) - A Friday night at the roller rink turns bloody for a group of junior high students.

Pimpire (1977) - Directed by David Sedan. Blaxploitation film about vampire pimps who lurk among the New York streets. Featuring former NFL star Myron "Flash" Jones.

Dr. Scary's Tassles & Balls (1977) - Mitch Miller plays a singing transvestite.

Lineman For The County (1977) - Glen Campbell stars in a movie based on his hit song.

What In Tarnation? (1977) - Bra-burning hippie feminists invade Tarnation, Mississippi and start a midnight racing club. Sheriff Buelton and his deputy sons vow to drive them out of town.

Mother Trucker (1977) - When Ray is too drunk to make the shipment... Mom takes over.

The Man From Nantucket (1977) - Unrated art house film about the man who inspired the famous limerick. And, yes, the limerick is true.

Kahli Annihilates The World (1977) - The Hindi prophecy of the end of teh world actually happens... right during the World Series!

Some Of The People All Of The Time (1977) - Sequel to "All Of The People Some Of The Time."

Mr. & Mrs. Sperling (1978) - James Coco and Jerry Reed try to fool the IRS into believing they are a married couple with a baby on the way.

Charlie & The Steel Factory (1978) - Charlie Bucket, powerful chocolate factory owner, brings his playful work ethic to a depressed steel mill in Pennsylvania.

Rosetta's Stone (1978) - After housewife Rosetta Fowler finishes carving demonic sayings and proverbs into a concrete slab, it comes to life and terrorizes her Columbia, Missouri neighborhood.

Bikini Day Care (1978) - What better wa is there to teach these kids some discipline.

Billy Non-Gravity (1978) - A kid is born without a sense of gravity and has to live his life wearing a lead suit while dragging a steel block.

Pray Matter (1978) - Doctors remove a tumor from the Pope's brain only to find that he no longer believes in God.

Sylmar Nights (1978) - Roller discos and Ford Pintos rule the nights until a devastating earthquake brings everyone together including the Punks and Geezers.

Roller Wheels USA (1978) - Loose adaptation of "Rebel Without A Cause" set in a roller disco.

Schmitz (1978) - Norman Jewison takes an in-depth look at the America Party presidential candidate John G. Schmitz, who could've changed the shape of the country in 1972, had he received any electoral votes.

Pumpkin Jimmy (1978) - The world's largest pumpkin weighed in at a whopping 377 pounds. This is the story of that pumkpin... and the man who ate it - forever known as "Pumpkin Jimmy."

Step On A Crack (1979) - Absolute horror comes to a suburban neighborhood outside of Chicago as the backs of hundreds of mothers break at the same time because of one evil little boy who steps on every crack.

The Jor-dash (1979) - When the evil Dr. Jordache comes between Brooke and her Calvins, he finds she will stop at nothing to get them back.

Pimpire State (1979) - Directed by David Sedan. A straight-to-Beta release sequel to "Pimpire" depicting the further exploits of vampire pimps and their takeover of New York.

Crosstown Scrape (1979) - The street wasn't low enough, so these low riders chopped a subway car.

Another Four Days In July (1979) - Sequel to the 1977 film "Four Days In July."

Juggle Boogie (1979) - "Hatfields & McCoys"-type story of rival juggling familes set in a roller disco.

Machete Maniac III: Back To The Woods (1979) - Billy, the toothless hillbilly with machetes for arms and his brother, Ray, with his detachable limbs, move deeper into the woods terrorizing environmentalists trying to save the forrest.

Erosion (1979) - The rain and earthquake ended days ago... is it finally safe?

A Town Called Somewhere (1979) - After the iron ore factory closed down, the people of Somewhere just try to get by one day at a time.

Be Cool, Bitch (1979) - Myron "Flash" Jones stars in this remake of Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew."

17 Weeks (1979) - A trucker has 17 weeks to get his load from Chicago to Nashville. Since that shouldn't be a problem at all, there are plenty of bars and strip clubs along the way.

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