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2015 Film Slate

The Forgotten 8 (2013) - Based on the MC Comics characters, the Forgotten 8 have one job - to protect the Sanitation Commissioner. They are not always successful - rarely does a Sanitation Commissioner survive more than one month on the job.

Eddie and the Magic Poison Oak (2013 - Manka Family) - Continued adventures of 10-year-old Eddie ("Eddie and the Magic Rattle Snake Bite" - 2010). Eddie eats poison oak and goes on an incredible adventure to save the Worm Princess.

The Montpellier Exposition (2013) - The first movie adaptation from the best-selling "The Bronze Candle" book trilogy (Manka Books) featuring Cold War super spy Doug Shapiro.

Mrs. Kensington's Amazing Drunk Party Night (2013) - Based on the best-selling Manka Books title from the 1990s. Lonely widow Mrs. Kensington decides to throw caution to the wind and invite a bunch of strange men from her church group over to her house to get really drunk.

Monty (2013 - Animated 3D) - Monty is a Praying Mantis who discovers he is an atheist. He is immediately cast out of his village. With the help of a blind dog and a tiny polar bear, Monty sets off on the adventure of his life to achieve acceptance in the world.

Flap Yo Wings (2013) - Big budget movie musical in the style of the Busby Berkeley 1930s musical extravaganzas. Featuring the music of Edison Kay and lyrics by Sherwood Kuhl & Tom Steadman ("Rampage Of The Stegosaur" - Manka Broadway).

The End Of Daves (2013) - In the overgrown greenery of post-apocalyptic Earth, three survivors cultivate a treasure trove of pot plants and go on a perilous journey to find others to sell it to.

The Beer Hunter (2013) - In the 1960s, a drunk guy (Randy) from Ohio gets drafted and goes to Vietnam and keeps getting drunk in Vietnam every chance he gets. After he gets sent home for being too drunk all the time, he resumes his life of getting drunk at various Ohio bars.

God (2013) - Biopic of the life of God starring the voice of Ethan Hawke and the puppetry of Julie Taymor.

OMDB (2013) - Horror - abbreviated. You'd better goddamned fucking scream! This Halloween Prepare To Die!

Oz: Scarecrow On Fire (2013) - The Scarecrow has a brain now, with a memory, and he employs the Lollipop Guild to help him track down all the witches of Oz and bring them to justice.

The Golden Receiver (2013 - Manka Family) - As a publicity stunt, a dog is taken in the first round of the NFL Draft by the upstart San Antonio Hounds. After the dog is named Rookie of the Year, the NFL sends a team of lawyers to the Supreme Court to change the rules and attempt to ruin the dog's life.

Khalid On Me (2013 - 3D) - Via state of the art computer generated imaging, a hologram of John Belushi portrays Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as a team of CIA operatives pursue him over the course of three months in 2003.

Spinners (2013) - Four small town friends who make a living advertising new home developments on street corners, enter the National Ad Spinners Competition where they endure the consternation of the big-city spinners.

Who Let The Dogs Out? (2013) - Based on the popular song, somebody has let out all the dogs and Bob is only one that can get them back in. But Bob just wants to watch porn.

The Adjuster (2013) - Spin-off of "The Forgotten 8" (see above), The Adjuster is an insurance adjuster who attempts to stop Evil by canceling Evil's insurance. The Adjuster discovers that Evil could give a shit about insurance and must think of another idea before the city explodes.

God's Will (2013) - When God dies, Frank Rogers unexpectedly finds himself heir to EVERYTHING. [Script was the winner of the 8th Annual Manka Bros. Screenplay Competition.]

Last Train To Crazy (2013) - Four southern sisters all come home to Crazy, South Carolina, to be with their ailing mother in what might be her last Thanksgiving.

Untitled Christmas Movie (2013) - Movie about a dysfunctional family getting together at Christmas or some kid who doesn't believe in Santa Claus [the script isn't finished].

Untitled Academy Awards-type Movie (2013) - High-quality drama that has a really good shot at getting Academy Award nominations [story logline unavailable because the script isn't finished.]

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