Manka Bros. Television Library

Comedy (Sitcoms)


Burbank's Thursday Afternoon Book Club For the Fucking Unmotivated (2023) - A group of losers who can't seem to accomplish anything talk about their lives in a shitty Burbank apartment, read a book every week and podcast about it.

It's Not That Deep (2021) - MBS presents the first ever A.I.-created sitcom on network television. (The pandemic did not affect production because no actor on the show was real and only the production studio and network got paid.)

Lowering The Barre (2020) - Mockumentary-style comedy series set inside the world's shittiest ballet company.

Married Alive (2020) - Carla and Sonny were matched to be married since they were in pre-school on Staten island. They hated each other until high school. Then had sex. Then had to get married. Now, they're married, and it fucking sucks.

Dearly Departed (2019) - Old cantankerous couple go to random funerals every day and review / podcast about the funeral and, in particular, the eulogy. The podcast becomes a hit. When they have to explain to friends and family why they do this, they always respond with a shrug and their tagline: 'It's A Living!'

Sans Serif (2015) - Publishing house employees have hilarious battles about layout, font choices and the Oxford comman which doesn't stop them from dating, hating and, yes, killing each other.

Five Kids, Five Dads And One Mom (2015) - Five kids, ranging in age from 10 to 2, all have different dads and the same mom - and they all live in the same house.

My Wife Left Me For Bucky Dent (2014) - A down on his luck accountant, Phil, deals with his ex-wife and her legendary New York Yankee boyfriend, Bucky Dent, with a little help from the ghost of Thurman Munson.

Phuckett, America (2014) - US TV's first all Thai cast about a family living and surviving in America as immigrants from Thailand.

18-34 (2014) - An 18-year-old married a 34-year-old. All of their friends are between the ages of 19-33. [If you're advertising on MBS, this is your dream show.]

Gut (2013) - An insurance agent in a crappy San Fernando Valley storefront office has a miserable life and a miserable family. Everybody calls him 'Gut' because he's fat. Based on the UK series 'Dolt.'

Pigs In Slop (2013) - Happy bros in their early 20s in their first crappy apartment.

Is It Just Me? (2013) - Set in the year 2210. The lovable employees of the last remaining crude oil refinery on Earth crack wise about the average outside temperature of 100. Plus, their A/C is on the brink... always!

Rat Patrol (2012) - The antics of a group of off-beat and racially diverse exterminators living, loving and working in the Bronx.

SAM R I (2012) - Series about a Samurai warrior who gives up being a Samurai and moves to suburban Maryland, gets a job in an office and settles down. SAM R I is his vanity license plate.

Framed (2011) - They work at the mall. They sell glasses. And their work, lives and loves are hilarious! Follow the lovable busy wacky workers at 'Framed' as they take on life as only they can.

Stripper Pole (2011) - The wacky and sexy adventures of America's newest immigrant Oksana Kowalski. Laugh at the daily life of 'working girls' as they undress their way through the strip club maze of life. She has an accent.

Baby. Baby! BABY!!! (2010) - Hilarious hi-jinx ensue after Brittany and Kyle have their first baby. Will they ever sleep again? (Every other season, the couple will have a new kid to increase the hi-jinx.)

Clete From Cleveland (2010) - Poor Clete. Feathered hair, sleeveless shirt and yearning for the 1970s seems to be holding Clete back in today's world. Witness his exploits every week as he drinks too much Coors Light, berates his beloved Cleveland Browns and annoys everyone from a stool at Dude's Sports Pub in Glendale, California. How long will Myron and Rhonda tolerate him? [8 seasons, apparently.]

18-34 (2014) - An 18-year-old married a 34-year-old. All of their friends are between the ages of 19-33. [If you're advertising on MBS, this is your dream show.]


Oh, Custer (2009) - General Custer and the zany crew of the 7th Calvary trade practical jokes and good times with the madcap Oglala Sioux, led by the full-of-fun Crazy Horse. Nothing can go wrong here... NOT! More like F-ed Troop! Cowboys and Indians for a new, more appropriate, century!

Southern Dis-Comfort (2009) - A quilt making group of old Southern ladies is thrown into chaos when a couple of young black rappers join their group.

Bill W's Place (2009) - A heart-warming funny series about a support group of alcoholics who meet at a local high school in a room they call 'Bill W's Place.'

Dolt (2008) - UK series about an insurance agent that is a dolt. [Remade in the U.S. in 2013 with the title 'Gut.'

Hardass Momma! (2008) - Big, beautiful and sassy, Shwanda, straightens out her parolees with love and sarcasm. And she's a single mom. [This title has been pulled from the Library for so many reasons and isn't available for licensing or purchase.]

Evil Twins (2008) - When their twins were born, the Jones' had no idea the good twin would always like while the evil twin would always tell the truth. How's a family to cope? Only the evil twin knows... and he's not telling.

Model Family (2007) - Fiercely competitive family of professional models (four sisters, two brothers - all hot) who will do anything to be the most successful.

Shroud Of Turin (2007) - An American Priest living in the Vatican fights to keep a pet parrot. When the Pope visits one day, the Priest covers the cage with the Shroud of Turin, enlightening the bird with the soul of Christ. How will the Priest and his Christ-bird get along?

Old Jokes (2006) - Sitcom set in the Friar's Club around lunchtime. [Promised more jokes per half hour than any other show in the history of television.]

A Hole In Juan (2006) - The Hillshire Country Club will never be the same again after hapless caddy Juan starts to work there.

Salted Nuts (aka Rules Of Engagement) (aka How I Met Your Mother (2005) - Competing shows with similar ideas took the preferred names of this MBS comedy which never got much traction with the name it ended up using.

Corporate Veal (2005) - The miserable (but hilarious) lives of cubicle-dwellers in a major corporation.

The 11th Commandment (2004) - Honor thy gay father and thy lesbian mother.

Mighty Bigamy (2004) - A man is forced to choose between the women who love him... and doesn't.

The Bar At Caesars (2003) - Characters from all-around the world congregate with the regulars at the Main Bar in Caesars Palace Las Vegas.

Sherpas In New York (2003) - Sherpas from Nepal take on a new challenge... Wall Street.

Jimmy Jones - Boy Coroner (2002) - Doogie Howser-type show... played for laughs. He may be a genius, but he still wakes up screaming in the middle of the night.

Bermuda Squares (2001) - Geeks on the beach. Computer analysts from Silicon Valley start a business in Bermuda.

Guinea Pigs (2001) - Slackers volunteer to live in a research facility as guinea pigs of various medical tests.

Compound (2000) - Wacky militia family takes on the Federal Government from their fortified compound in Nebraska.


Arrogance, Ohio (1999) - A town of arrogant assholes is shaken up when a nice, non-arrogant family moves there.

The Great Plague Of 2004 (1999) - In five years, 70% of the world's population will be wiped out... and everyone knows it. So, in a world ready to end, what kind of boss gets mad if an employee is 15 minutes late? Tony Valentine's boss.

Flat Broke (1999) - The world's worst stripper struggles to raise her kids and her customers.

Driving Range (aka Home On The Range) (1998) - Young professionals convene nightly on a driving range and talk about their awesome lives.

He-Gos (1998) - Young hotshot business analysts go to a lot of weddings and drive nice cars. These guys are great... or at least THEY think so. Their new female boss isn't so sure.

Prints Of Darkness (1997) - He's the world's worst baby photographer.

Broad Swords (1997) - A mother and daughter, both divorced, take over a fencing school in Indianapolis.

That's Not Funny (1997) - Jay Mohr and Jeremy Piven star as two very unfunny comedians trying to make it in Chicago.

Oh, Sister! (1996) - Dave's sister is really hot... and it's DRIVING HIM CRAZY!

Two Dishwashers (1996) - Groundbreaking sitcom about a man who marries an Orthodox Jew and must learn all those crazy rules!

Nothing Flat (1995) - Not exactly the hippest place to live in L.A. and the losers in 4C are bringing down the neighborhood even more.

Polar Opposites (1995) - Hilarious attempt of two magnetically-altered humans to get together in modern day St. Louis.

Archimedes' Principal (1995) - Young Archimedes finds himself unable to keep out of trouble while attending Syracuse High.

Save It For St. Peter (1994) - District Court Judge has trouble juggling work and family on Staten Island.

Familiar Ring (1994) - A couple in their 30s are getting married... for the THIRD time! This time they vow to get it right.

Sniffles, The Introverted Clown (1994) - This poor clown brings down everyone in the room - children's parties are a disaster, his home life a wreck. Go on kids, make HIM laugh!

I Don't Want To Hear It (1993) - Nothing ever happens in this house because Dad 'doesn't want to hear it!'

Hex Symbol (1993) - They think she's hot now? Wait until she's burning in Hell.

Wedgies, Farts and Grandma's Panties (1993) - Really embarrassing and completely humiliating moments caught on tape.

Mohawks On The 95th Floor (1993 - pilot only) - Period sitcom about the Mohawk Nation members who worked on the steel beams of a 1920s New York high rise.

Shape Up Or Ship Out (1992) - The year is 2013, America is now known as 'Country By Jake' after Jake Steinfeld is elected President for life. Your poor and huddled masses are still welcome, but the tired need not apply. The nation's never been stronger... or funnier!

Method Actor (1992) - Each week, actor Albert Woods lives a new life in preparation for his latest part.

Pere Lachaise (You Know, Jim Morrison's Grave) (1991) - Set in the Paris cemetery where Jim Morrison is buried, the show follows the group that hangs out daily with a few tourists thrown in for fun.

Uncommons (1991) - Sitcom set in a dorm for the differently-abled.

Urn Your Keep (1991) - In exchange for room and board, a homeless man does odd jobs for a mortuary.

Half Empty (1990) - This guy just refuses to see the bright side of life.

Oxymorons (1990) - A 'Happy Teenager' and a 'Military Intelligence' officer try to get along in 'Jumbo Shrimp,' Louisiana.

Pedro's Place (1990) - He'll steal your heart... then he'll steal your car.


A Special Relationship (1989) - She may be leaving him, but she's not leaving the house.

Half A Mind (1989) - 'The Odd Couple' meets 'P.T. Barnum.' Conjoined twins, attached at the brain, are separated, resulting in one unkempt, creative brother and another orderly logician.

The Brides Of March (1989) - Something strange is happening in a quiet neighborhood outside of Allenberg. The lives of the neighborhood men will never be the same.

Madame Sheriff (1988) - What happens when the head Madame at the Dodge City brothel becomes a Sheriff?

Kareem Of The Crop (1988) - Kareem Abdul-Jabar gives up his basketball career to start a farm.

Saving Grace (1988) - She doesn't love him, but she'll marry him... for a kidney.

Car Radio (1988) - Unbeknown-st to the cab drivers, the dispatcher, Tony, is also the hot late night DJ on WNOB.

And Baby Makes 13 (1987) - Thirteen sure can be an unlucky number, especially if that child is possessed by none other than Satan himself. Share the hilarious misadventures as a family copes with a demonic baby voiced by Charles Nelson Reilly.

Beirut Deli (1987) - Where Muslims, Christians and Jews just want to eat lunch.

Sick And Tired (1987) - He's terminally ill (and only has five years - or 100 episodes - to live) and she's exhausted.

Money Talks (1986) - A homeless man finds it impossible to part with the only friend he has in the world - a talking one-hundred dollar bill.

Ow! My Cock! (1986) - First show produced by a new regime at Manka Bros. Television Production (with a vow to produced edgy programming). The show always opens with the lead character, Joe, getting hit in the balls.

Wo Is Me (1986) - Mr. Wo is doing the best he can to make ends meet.

The Kareem Abdul Ja Bar (1985) - 'Cheers'-like show featuring Kareem Abdul-Jabar as the bartender giving funny advice to those around him.

Looking For Donna Reed (1985) - Two modern guys time travel in search of less liberated females.

Well Red (1985) - What if America was under Communist rule? The answers? Laughs aplenty! Re-education beats no education!

My Uncle's In The Guitar (1985) - Josh, 15, gets life advice from a dead uncle who has taken on the soul of a Fender Strat.

Mail Order Brides (1984) - Several mail order brides on the same suburban block gather together in various backyards and try to adjust to life in America after Vietnam.

Dirty Laundry (1984) - 'Cosby'-like show with 14 KIDS! To top that, the wife and three oldest daughters are expecting. [After 'The Cosby Show' became so successful, Manka Bros. created this new family sitcom with twice as many kids and more on the way.]

The People In The Walls (1984) - Two families share the same condo - one just moved in and the other lives inside the walls. [First show Manka Bros. Television produced after securing a new line of credit to stave off bankruptcy.]

CHiPs (1983 - pilot only) - Comedy about the Colorado Highway Patrol. [Due to a miscommunication, this show was produced the same time as 'SCHiPs' - both didn't make the schedule because of the already successful drama 'CHiPs' on NBC.

SCHiPs (1983 - pilot only) - Comedy about the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

Big Whoop (1983 - pilot only) - Whoopi Goldberg (before she hit it big) plays herself... radioactively enlarged 20 times.

M.B. Heeyyy!!! (1982 - pilot only) - Co-produced with Paramount. Follow up to 'Happy Days' in which Fonzy (now played by hot newcomer John Stamos) pursues an MBA at Harvard. Co-starring Donny Most.

Maid In Taiwan (1982) - When a bumbling American maid is accidentally sent to East Asia, confusion and Confucianism collide!

He's Not My God (1982) - Wacky comedy in which God's friend, Lester, always has to get him out of a fix.

Little By Little (1981) - When Rich Little takes a job at a day care center there's nothing like a good Johnny Carson impression to calm these kids down.

Boston Pops (1981) - Old men comment about life and the Red Sox at a convalescent home in South Boston.

The Canucks Downstairs (1980) - A Canadian family moves into an apartment building in South Beach, Florida.

Who's Got Fun? (1980) - Ted Danson and Imogene Coca - that's who!


Che Gueverra Lives Next Door (1979) - World-renowned left-wing rebel moves to suburban Chicago and has trouble adjusting to the backyard BBQ lifestyle.

Ray's Cane (1978) - Starring Ray Charles as a junior high school Principal. There's gonna be Hell to pay if Ray catches you misbehaving.

High And Mighty (1978) - What happens when Zeus shares an apartment with stoned slackers Mike and Jim? Exactly what you think happens... happens.

In The Dog House (1977) - Sheldon Applebaum was sentenced to death for the gruesome murders of 27 people. Now his spirit returns as Cookie, the family dog of the Andersons - a family of Mormons.

The Cossacks Upstairs (1976) - Russian immigrants spice up a white-bread Green Bay, Wisconsin, apartment building.

800-Pound Guerilla (1975) - Before he fights for Freedom, he's going to have to lose some weight.

Norman Lear's Cheer Camp (1974) - Groundbreaking sitcom ‘Norman Lear's Cheer Camp’ debuts on MBS. With this series, Mr. Lear invented the genre known as ‘Jiggle TV.’

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem (1974) - All sorts of colorful characters gather nightly at this convenience store that's only open from midnight to 8:00am.

Desdemona And Lady Macbeth (1973) - Inspired by Norman Lear. Two single lesbians from New England raise Hell AND a 12-year-old boy in Jackson, Mississippi.


Vumpire's Way (1969) - A nice Vampire and his family of monsters move to a Cleveland neighborhood after he is hired as a Major League Baseball umpire.

Narcissus Now! (1967) - Hilarity ensues when the ultimate egomaniac, capital of industry Ned Blier takes a job in a steno pool.

Baron Of Humour (1964) - A Baron from Yorkshire has an uncanny ability to imitate the Queen.

My Dog The Robot (1961) - James Mason takes a bite out of television comedy.


Howl (1958) - Loosely based on the poem by Allen Ginsberg. A group of silly Beatniks live together in a swinging pad.

Norbert (1957) - Norbert, the Wonder Cow and global sensation (because he could talk!) stars as a normal farm cow who earns a Ph.D. in History from Harvard. Unable to find work because of his 'bovine-ness,' he returns to life as a normal farm cow - but a really smart one. [Norbert died in 1964. Unable to find another talking cow, the series was canceled.]

Cockles (1952) - Family comedy that's all about the lovable mutt - Cockles.

Cuddle and Coo (1951) - Manka Bros. Television's first series! Cuddle loves that bird (Coo)! [The show was fined heavily by the FCC for Coo the parrot's constant use of the phrase 'Shut up, mother fucker!' during a live telecast.]