Manka Bros. Television Library

Kids Shows


Allen Of Troy (2016) - 7-year-old Allen and his little sister, Heddy, protect their neighborhood against the Spartans.

Kitton (2015) - The world's fattest cat's dream of becoming a Super Secret Spy is constantly being ruined because he's so fat and it's hard to hide.

Siamouse In 'Rent Control' (2014) - Siamouse, the two-headed mouse, tries to fight off eviction from the evil landlord Senor Python.

Fangst (2013) - Teenage vampires stress over the smallest things as they navigate their way through Transylvania Middle School.

Pawsome! (2012) - Manka Kids Junior. Preschool animated show with the lovable Pawsome crew accomplishing basic tasks (like going potty) and constantly high-fiving the TV and saying 'You're Pawsome!'

Wailing Whales (2011) - Children's block of programming to enhance nap-time. Four hours of whale songs accompanied by cute and relaxing animation. It's also the perfect bedtime companion (for toddlers with TVs in their rooms).

Socrateens (2010) - Live-action period comedy series with all the Greek philosophers when they were teenagers.

The Beanstalkers (2010) - Kid sleuths who live with Mother Goose try to solve all the Fairy Tale Mysteries.

Barewolf (2010) - The hairless werewolf appears in public as just another teenager - but he's really a werewolf without all the hair. So watch out!


The Wazird Chronicles (2009) - Once the most powerful wizard, the Wazird is now a has-been trying to regain his glory. His enchanted daughter (and one of the world's Top 100 Wizards per U.S. News and World Report), Angie, helps him out whenever his magic fails him.

Meduson (2009) - Animated series following the exciting adventures of the son of Medusa, Chet, as he tries to get through elementary school in Athens.

Kid Pope (2009) - Manka Faith Kids show imagining a world where an 8-year-old kid, Cooper, is Pope. Communion is now cookies and punch and nightly prayers are replaced by marathon video game sessions.

Valerie's Sense Of Smell (2008) - Fully interactive series where Valerie smells things all around her and ask the kids at home watching if they can smell it. (She waits for either text messages or emails to tell her what it is. So much of the show is Valerie waiting for replies from the kids.)

Shardvark's Christmas In August (2008) - Animaltered star 'Shardvark' hosts the first Christmas Special of the year. Special guests include Joey Levitch and The Shrieking Potato.

Adult Supervision (2007) - Kids playtime is 'cautious time' in this in this musical where adults make sure the kids don't get hurt. Songs include 'Put That Down,' Don't Touch That,' 'Just Stop It,' and 'What's Wrong With You?'

Kelvin & Flygirl's Basement Adventures (2006) - Kelvin & Flygirl crawl into their hyberbox and have adventures all over the world without leaving their basement.

Oh, You Mammoth! (2005) - Primetime animated series about Kreg and his family as his family as they live a typical suburban life, trying to stay live 75,000 years ago.

Jenny Levitch's New Toys (2004) - Joey Levitch hosts this kids educational special about sharing. His seven-year-old daughter from his 5th marriage, Jenny, gets a truck full of new toys. In the show, Joey teaches other kids how to correctly share and play with her toys. The key message is 'If Jenny gives it to you, but wants it back, she should get it back - or expect to hear from my lawyer.'

Walter Buffalo (2003) - A weekday morning talk show on MBS Kids featuring the lovable Walter and his kindergarten friends. They discuss the news of the day and interview animated characters with new movies coming out.

Vegan Egan's Petting Zoo (2002) - Faux fur petting zoo hosted by Manka Kids' favorite vegan - Vegan Egan.

The Crazy True-Life Adventures Of Pocket Hercules (2002) - Animated adventures of the pint-sized Russian weightlifter as he battles dark forces with a band of kids and animals.


Sabaturtle's Tales From The Silk Road (1999) - Educational special hosted by Manka Kids' favorite super secret spy turtle - Sabaturle.

The Cypress Hill Silly Sunday Show (1997) - An anything goes Sunday morning where the kids are jacked on candy and soda. [Canceled after 5 episodes when the kids got too out of hand.]

Dodger Dogs In The 43rd Galaxy (1996) - The Dodger Dogs become the first hot dogs in space but must deal with the evil 'Ball Park' Frank who do anything to stop them from saving the Universe.

Cranium Fred & His Friends (1995) - Cranium Fred thinks he knows everything because his head is so large. His friends try to keep him grounded while they all study for the mathlympics Grand Champion Finals.

Storsjodjuret (1994) - Produced for the Swedish Government to promote wildlife conservation, Storsjodjuret, Sweden's famous lake monster, reads stories to kids about the men who tried to kill her.

The Halifax Explosion (1994) - Animated history movie of the 1917 explosion that killed 2,000 people in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Sad Sack (1994) - Spin-off series from Manka Kids' animated grocery store character. Sad Sack is so depressed that the world is switching over to plastic bags, he blows away from home looking for a world that appreciates paper.

Sabaturtle (1993) - Villainous turtle who is always caught because he escapes VERY slowly.

Animaltered (1992) - Colony of misfit animals live on an animal and try to solve the world's problems. Characters include: Chimpanzebra, Albacorilla, Elephantalope, Coyoteagle, Flamingoat, Hawktopus, Buffalobster, Crabbit, Dolphinsect, Rhinoscerostrich, etc.

My Doctor The Snake (1991) - Through music and play acting, the show addresses the two greatest fears children have.

Talkshund (1990) - Informative talking dog show talk show. The dog host, Cindy, interviews interesting teachers, scientists, as well as famous actors and athletes.

Torvath The Tricycle (1990) - That silly tricycle from Finland was acquired by Manka Kids in 1990.


Have A Cow (1989) - This farmer has too many cows! How many does he have? Start counting kids.

Gangster Dogs (1989) - Puppy Malone and Machine Bone Kelly rules the animal underworld with an iron paw.

The Learning Squad (1988) - An elementary school teacher and his students reenact historical events through song and dance.

Cold Turkey (1988) - You'll gobble with laugher when you watch what this turkey will do to stay warm.

Spelling Bee (1987) - Animated bee teaches children how to spell.

The Anonymous 7 (1987) - We don't know who they are. Rumor is they go to my kid's elementary school. We don't know why they help. But we thank them just the same.

Scary Monsters & Super Creeps (1987) - Muppet-type show based on the David Bowie song.

Gravity Busters (1986) - With their powers of centrifugal force, nothing can stop these crime fighting kids.

Kareem Abdul Ja Bear (1986) - Animated series about a crime fighting / basketball playing bear featuring the voice of Kareem Abdul-Jabar.

Crazy Science (1986) - Informational and fun scientific series that illustrates sciences greatest 'mistakes.' It teaches kids that it's better to try and fail than to not try at all. Segments included early attempts at hand grenades and how a hobby led to the first human blood transfusion. [Series was originally titled 'Weird Science' but had to change it due to pending litigation.]

Animated Meet The Press (1986) - Animated version of the successful Sunday morning news show in an attempt to inform children of the news of the day. [Show proved too costly and time consuming to animate on a weekly basis.]

Ms. Dos (1985) - Produced for Microsoft to teach little girls about the onslaught of the PC.

Pirates Of The 2nd Grade (1985) - Weekly live-action series. Bullies rule Grover Cleveland Elementary. But the teachers and students need them around for protection from the aliens and monsters that are constantly attacking the weak.

Manka SmAll-Stars (1985) - Kids of all ages participate in competitions of strength and agility. [The winner got to meet Manka Bros. Vice President of Children's Sports at the time - Helen Olsen.]

Power Dogs With Einstein's Brain (1984) - Super powerful and super smart dogs in a post-apocalyptic world.

Serpikid (1982) - The crime fighting kid with integrity.

Please, The Magic Word (1982) - Magician Doug Henning teaches kids manners. If they forget to say the magic word, he makes them disappear.

The Diabolical Dr. Rubik (1981) - Erno Rubik plays an evil genius presenting difficult challenges to kids in this entertaining and educational children's show.

Celebrate Good Times (1981) - Come on, Kids, help 'Earth, Wind & Fire' find their long lost brother... 'Water.'

The Whale Tale (1980) - Puppet show retelling the 'Jonah and the Whale' story from the whale's point of view. [The puppets were controlled by Manka Bros. executives to save on talent costs. Produced at the lowest point in Manka Bros. history.]


Long Lost Ant (1979) - An ant from another galaxy falls into Central Park. Will he ever make it home?

Manka Sheroes (1979) - From MC Comics. Thinly-veiled female copies of Manka Bros.' male superheroes who fight crime while trying to look pretty at the same time.

Space Alamo (1978) - Animated show following 187 brave Texonauts as they do their best week-after-week to defend this abandoned Franciscan space outpost. A show you'll never forget.

Dracula Kittens (1978) - Animated series about Romanian Kittens from Transylvania terrorizing Dog Town, USA.

The Adventures Of Commodore 64 (1978) - Follow the adventures of Commodore 64 as he explores the unknown and frightening world of computers.

Kittens & Cubs (1977) - One-hour weekly series that shows adorable images and film of the cutest kittens and cubs in the world. Named 'Greatest Show Ever' by toddlers and grandmothers.

Wildfire (1977) - Animated short of the hit pop song 'Wildfire.'

Flycats & The Super Bowl (1976) - Further adventures of the Flycats. Here, the underdog Flycats take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl. [Produced with the NFL to get children interested in pro football.]

Jaws Of Life (1976) - 'Safety First' is this talking shark's motto.

Sir Ocelot (1975) - The cutest Knight of the Round Table.

Guitarzan (1975) - Animated based on the horrible Ray Stevens song.

Super Draculas Meet The All-New Invisible Super Frankensteins (1974) - Further adventures of the Super Draculas as they join forces with the All-New Invisible Super Frankensteins.

Elvis' Dog (aka Roofus Presley) (1974) - Elvis' side burned, sunglass and belt-buckle wearing, karate chopping, crime fighting dog.

Goethe For The Gander (1974) - Imported series from Germany that teaches Goethe to children.

The All-New John And Yoko Super Mysteries (1973) - Animated series that uses a variation of John Lennon sketches of himself as he and Yoko chase ghosts.

Super Draculas (1972) - Animated teenage Super Draculas take on evil and sing about their adventure and what they've learned at the end of each show.

Hue Are So Beautiful (1972) - Hosted by popular singing group The Rainbeaus, the show teaches young kids about colors.

Grammar Jail (1972) - Nine-year-old Kirk must serve his 'sentence' along with his six 'spellmates.' Features Professor Ellipsis as their lovable 'Worden.'

The New Math (1971) - Pits Mothers against their Children in a test of the new way versus the old.

Punctuation (1971) - Teaches young kids what punctuation marks are through skits and songs.

Etch A Sketch (1970) - What will the kids draw today?

Lite Bright (1970) - What will the kids create today?


The Shrieking Potato (1969) - Saturday morning variety hour from Idaho Public Television hosted a Shrieking Potato.

Irrational Numbers (1968) - Educational math cartoon featuring those irascible numbers!

Reigning Cats And Dogs (1968) - Animated cats and dogs rule the Universe. 'No, YOU heel!'

Unicorns & Rainbows (1967) - Puppets guide kids through a magical land where all the adults are dead.

Cash Cow (1966) - Poor kids around the world pray that someday the mythical Cash Cow will come to their village so they can milk it for gold coins.

CIApe (1965) - At the height of the Cold War, CIApe must stop any acts of espionage by the evil KGBeaver.

Tales From Grandma's House (1964) - Grandma Manka (102-years-old!) tells stories to a group of eager kids about the great old days in Bulgaria. She's got a great memory. She even remembers things that never happened!

Guernica (1963) - Animated in the style of the Picasso painting. Used in some schools to teach kids about the horrors of war.

Professor Tickles (1962) - Translated from a Bulgarian fairy tale in which Professor Tickles mysteriously appears and tickles children's feet when they are sad. He also hangs around well past his welcome - eating all the children's food.

Manurism (1960) - Dr. Ed T. Kit teaches young girls how to behave at tea parties and debutante balls.


Laughing Stock (1959) - Comedy show for kids featuring life-size talking cow puppets who perform songs and skits.

Esperanto Squad (1958) - Join the Esperantans for the fun way to learn the language everyone in the world will one day be speaking.

Scapegoat (1955) - Animated goat who always gets out of trouble by blaming his American Indian friend. The bully character is a Bald Eagle - Mr. Raymond - who is very sensitive about his hair line.

Jergen's Presents Kazoo Kowboy (1953) - Kazoo playing cowboy teaches kids about life (and, unfortunately, laundry) on the range.

Crow Magnon (1952) - Animated crow that is 100,000-years-old and has seen it all. Most of the other animals around her get annoyed with her know-it-all attitude.


Hoarse Horse (1940s) - Tiny pony in the Manka Toons stable of characters. Starred in a series of shorts including 'Bridle Suite' (1946). His catch phrase: 'What's wrong?' 'I'm a little horse.'

Pelican't (1940s) - Pelican with low self-esteem. Starred in a series of shorts. [Part of the Manka Toons stable of characters.]

Eatin' Crow (1940s) - Starred in a series of shorts. [Part of the Manka Toons stable of characters.]

Hole Hog (1940s) - Starred in a series of shorts. [Part of the Manka Toons stable of characters.]

Cryin' Wolf (1940s) - Starred in a series of shorts. [Part of the Manka Toons stable of characters.]

Scaredy Cat (1940s) - Starred in a series of shorts. [Part of the Manka Toons stable of characters.]

Jail Birds (1940s) - Wise-ass birds locked in their cages. Served as a foiled for Scaredy Cat. [Part of the Manka Toons stable of characters.]


Lennie the Pee-Pee (1938) - Animated short. Earliest known version of obscure A.A. Milne children's book about a kindly ratkangaroo and his band of mischievous weasels.

Armed Fhorses (1937) - Animated American horses fight the Germans in World War I. [This animated short was used as an education reel to prepare children for the coming war with Germany (World War II).

Yakkety Yak (1930s) - The Yak that just wouldn't shut up. Starred in a series of shorts and is still a popular character in Eastern Europe.


Orange Ostrich (1929) - With the invention of TriMankaTate (Manka Bros.' cutting edge film coloring process), Ollie Ostrich was transformed into Orange Ostrich. [Audiences in 1929 were so horrified at seeing such a shockingly colored ostrich that riots occurred in several theaters.]'

Bull Frog (1927) - Early cartoon character that was actually the first animated animal to talk. [Audiences in 1927 were so horrified when a human voice came out of a frog that there was a general panic including rioting, burning buildings, looting and even two murders.]

Ollie Ostrich (1924) - Manka Bros. first animated character! Ollie Ostrich starred in a series of shorts where the crazy Ollie always gets into trouble on the farm, the big city and other planets.