Manka Bros. Television Library

Reality Shows


You Call That Brain Surgery (2020) - The world's top brain surgeons perform live-saving brain surgeries (hopefully) in front of a live audience with a chance to win $10,000 for Best Brain Surgeon.

Wish Upon A Star (2017) - Each week, a celebrity makes someone's wish come true. If a couple from Ohio has always dreamed of going to Paris but could never afford that, Manka Bros. will send a celebrity (say... John Stamos) to Paris to take the dream trip in place of the couple from Ohio and record the events in a memorable video to be cherished forever.

Turn The Page (2016) - Novelists compete for the prestigious 'Manka Prize In Literature.' TV crews follow each writer as they rush to complete their novel before the deadline. Novelist judges Martin Hagham ('Magpies' series), Alison Fogle ('Carrier Pigeons') and Cyrus Weinstein (President of the Manka Bros. Publishing Group) judge the final entries and announce the winner before a live audience.

The World's Top Pirate (2015) - The show starts with 50 notorious pirates from around the world and each week more pirates are voted off the boat. Who will become The World's Top Pirate? The smart money is on the Somali.

Farm Report HD (2014) - You think you've seen Farm Report? You've seen NOTHING until you see Manka Farm Report HD. Every morning at 5am - don't miss what will be the most discussed farm report of the day!

Forensics: The New Voices (2014) - Manka Bros. Television follows the new team from Beaverton High School as they strive to reach the State Finals in Speech and Debate.

The Soloist: Rite Of Spring (2013) - Each week, the weakest link of the Sacramento Philharmonic is voted into 'the audience' until only one performer remains. This year's soloist will perform Stravinsky's 'The Rite Of Spring.' From violas to contra-bassoons, the stage begins filled but in the end there can only be one 'Soloist.'

America WTF? (2012) - Viewers from all across America send in their most embarrassing videos, making us all cry 'America! WTF!?'

DesTRUCKtion (2012) - The country's top road destroying trucks are unleashed on various highways and back roads around the nation. If the road by your house is destroyed and you can't get to work - then we've been there!

Goodwill Hunting (2012) - Shoppers have to find the best deal at the Goodwill Store within the set time limit. Not only will winners get to keep the item they choose, they get a new one as well.

Metro! (2011) - The exciting adventures of Metro Police as they ride (all day and night) on the Red, Blue, Green and Gold lines of Los Angeles - hot on the trail of fair scofflaws. Did you buy a daily pass?

Forensics (2011) - The show that started it all. Manka Bros. Television follows the team from Beaverton High School as they strive to reach the State Finals in Speech and Debate.

It Says What? (2011) - All across the country, our undercover comedy team will hack into iPads, Kindles (and all other e-readers) of unsuspecting commuters and insert off-color comments into their reading material. Their reactions (caught on concealed cameras) are comedy gold.

Smack My Bitch Up! (2010) - It's Pimp vs. Whore... in the ring! We bring in the best pimps from every city in America and then surprise them with their most fight-ready whore. Is his pimp hand strong? Will she 'turn the trick?'

Crazy Frat! (2010) - College kids! Drinking! Fraternity! Parties! Sorority girls are added to the mix to keep this from being a total sausage fest.

Soylent Green Is People (2010) - Watch as a panel of world-class chefs try to recreate recipes from classic movies (i.e., the Timpano from 'Big Night,' the Feast from 'Tom Jones' and, of course, that human treat - Soylent Green!


Boyz 2 Babz (2009) - Each season a new group of cross-dressing males compete to see who will get the coveted Scandinavian sex-change operation. Hormone treatment madness! But, damn, it feels good to win!

The Boor War (2009) - Completely NOT like 'Dinner For Schmucks!' Every week people bring a doofus guest to a dinner party hoping that the guest will be voted 'King of the Boors.' Look up 'Boor,' America.

From C To Shining C (2009) - The passionate lives and loves of the Inland Empire Opera Company of Riverside, California, play out weekly - right before our eyes! Real life divas! Will the fat lady sing?

X-Treme X-Country! (2009) - Cross-country skiing like it's never been seen before! Cross-country! Skiing! Extreme! X-TREME!!

Moby - Dick (2008) - Each week a different musician gives us a behind-the-scenes story of what it's like to work with Moby. We find out from everyone that he's a real dick.

Forge My Documents (2008) - Show follows Greg Dishman, a guy who will forge anyone's important documents for $50.

Mac McCord Drinks Beer (2007) - The Manka Food and Drink Channel show follows country music star Mac McCord on a weekly dive bar crawl. He can drink a lot of beer.

Tragedy Tomorrow (2006) - Nightly show in which a mind read, tarot card reader and soothsayer sit around a table and discuss all the terrible things that will happen in the world tomorrow.

Comedy Tonight! (2006) - The funniest videos of the day that haven't already been shown on a thousand other outlets.

Traffic Test (2006) - Real traffic tests are shown with a secret camera. Watch as young and old melt down under the most stressful event of their lives. Watch as we throw in a few unexpected obstacles (i.e., pedestrians, pets, shopping carts, bodies of water, etc.) along the way.

We Dare To Go There (2005) - Revenge can be sweet! Our cameras ambush average people on the street and we ask them embarrassing questions supplied by those who want to get even.

It's Not Unusual (2005) - Normal things in a normal world become fascinating in this world where the extreme is the normal and the normal is boring. But things are normal - which makes them interesting.

Laugh Savers (2004) - We drop our comedy troupe, The Laugh Savers, into horrible situations of grief and tragedy and try to bring a smile to the faces of those suffering. Chuckles... just in the nick of time.

Manka Investigates (2004) - MBS' most popular news magazine. Nathan Freehold and Angela Goldman take opposite sides of important issues and controversies of the day. Then America votes! If they can convince you to take their side, Manka Investigates deeper into the issues. The winning news correspondent receives a special spa day at Massage Envy.

Islamish (2003) - An Islamic man marries an Amish woman and this is the reality show about their mixed up life.

Kids I-M The Craziest Things (2002) - The TV classic version for a whole new digital world.

Dessert Island (2001) - For the Manka Food and Drink Channel. Classic desserts cooked on a desert island by a hermit chef found on a recent fishing expedition.


What's With These Kids? (1999) - Parents round table / intervention show in which they all intervene with each other's kids lives - warning them about the dangers of Quake, Marilyn Manson and Ecstasy.

The Billionaires (1999) - The bubble is never going to burst! What will they buy? Which model will they bone? Where will they go next? Follow a real-life billionaire and his friends and find out.

AC/DC vs. H45 (1999) - 10-part Manka News Investigation of how Edison and Westinghouse teamed up to destroy shoe-maker Ira Newbalm's superior invention which captured ions from the air and converted it immediately to free everlasting electricity for all lights, appliances and cars.

It's Greek To Me (1998) - From the Manka Food and Drink Channel. Blindfolded contestants taste all sorts of crazy dishes and try to guess the ingredients.

Just Plain Shellfish! (1998) - From the Manka Food and Drink Channel. Cooking show about shellfish. Just shellfish. Recipes so good, you won't want to share.

Shakespeare: The Blue Years 1591-1603 (1997) - Stars reenact Shakespeare's life and discuss with a live audience. Even though Shakespeare wrote most of his comedies during these years, it turns out all those laughs came from great pain. As Tom Petty once said: 'You don't write about fairies and sprites unless you're screwed up in the head.' [Manka Bros.' lowest-rated show in the history of the studio.]

Encyclofeedia (1996) - From the Manka Food and Drink Channel. One of the first educational cooking shows (if you don't count Julia Child - which is one of the reasons it failed).

Beef Up (1996) - From the Manka Food and Drink Channel. One of the first exercise cooking shows (which is probably why it failed).

Brice Pilaf (1995) - From the Manka Food and Drink Channel. Country music star Tammy Brice hosts this fun-filled musical cooking show.

Tomba's Women (1994) - Hot off the 1994 Winter Olympics, show features skits, interviews and photo shoots with many of the women who have had sex with Gold Medal slalom skier Alberto Tomba.

Quick, Give Me The Anecdote (1994) - Medicine's funniest mistakes - all caught on tape!

Jung At Heart (1993) - Daily affirmation talk show featuring some of the top psychiatrists in the country.

Stories From The Plank (1993) - Gruesome pirate tales of betrayal and murder and as a Manka Docs film crew travel the South Seas in search of buried treasure.

Ten Bucks (1992) - You would be surprised (and horrified) by what some people will do for $10.

Friendly Firings (1992) - Friends fire friends - parents fire kids - husbands fire wives - all the bad emotions of being fired is caught on tape.

Tales From The Manka Bros. Casting Couch (1991) - Manka News investigation of Manka Bros. Studios' practice of casting actors only if they are willing to 'return the favor.' [This show resulted in Manka Bros. changing its casting policy. Now, documentary crews are no longer allowed in the casting process.]

Chili Con Carney (1991) - From the Manka Food and Drink Channel. Hilarious cooking show hosted by Art Carney. Did he remember to turn the oven on?

Randy Morgan Walks Around The World (1991) - The world was captivated when insurance agent Randy Morgan began a five-year journey of walking around the world from San Diego, California. [The journey ended two days into the walk just outside of Poway, California, when Randy twisted his ankle.]

120 Minutes (1990) - Manka News production with two times more stories than '60 Minutes.'


For A Good Time, Call... (1988) - Every week, Manka News calls a phone number written in a bathroom stall along the I-15 outside of Barstow, California, and records everything that happens next.

Kids Rule (1984) - Supervised hour where kids get to do whatever they want. [The show canceled after a kid was allowed to race in the Indianapolis 500 - causing a major accident.]

What's With These Kids? (1983) - Parents round table discussion and intervention as they warn the neighborhood kids about the dangers of Pac Man, Dungeons and Dragons and cocaine.

... and A (1980) - The show for ass men. [Produced for a third-party distributor at one of Manka Bros. Studios' lowest times.]


Prize Pupae (1973) - The longest (3 hours) and most exciting weekly show about butterflies on television.

What's With These Kids? (1972) - Parents round table discussion and intervention as they warn the neighborhood kids about the dangers of hippies, rock music and mellow yellow.

Muslims, Christians, Jews, etc. (1971) - After the phrase 'God Is Dead' becomes a mainstay in popular culture, Manka News investigates and asks Americans of all persuasions 'Is God Really Dead?'

Bring Home The Bacon (1970) - Hidden camera show where wives try cooking different meats for their husbands to see if they can taste the different (or even care because the ball game is on).


(213) 555-4357 (1968) - In the days before '911,' it took a lot longer to reach the police in an emergency. Here are some of the more tragic and hilarious examples of not getting protected and served.

View Master's Presents (1966) - Weekly Travelogue taking the view on View Master's Guide of the World.

Zapruder's Roving Eye (1965) - Legendary Kennedy assassination videographer (and women's clothes manufacturer) Abraham Zapruder took his roving eye camera to the streets of America to capture crimes and events as they happen (after the film is developed). Tagline: Who will Zapruder's Roving Eye capture next? Will it be YOU?!

What's With These Kids? (1961) - Parents round table discussion and intervention as they warn neighborhood kids about the dangers of beatniks, bebop jazz and reefer.


Imagine A World... (1956) - A 'What If?' show. Several of the 'imagined' future events (like the Vietnam War) actually came true.


Don't Blame Us, Blame Hitler (1943) - Newsreel produced to explain to the general public the reason behind the lack of gas and food during World War II.