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Mac McCord Stars In 'Straight Flush' (2017) - That's the name of the movie, not a marketing tag. The worlds of country music and poker collide in this Manka Legends movie starring Jimmy Row Records recording artist Mac McCord.

Back Nine (2016) - A Manka Sports original about the last few years in the life of an aging golfer.

Laughing On The Inside (aka Cured Ham) (2015) - When a comic loses his wife and children in a drunk driving accident, it's time to start taking things more seriously - including his comedy career.

Dislocated Father (2013) - A pro football player reconnects with his daughter after a career-ending injury.

A Christian Lives In Mecca (2012) - Holiday classic about a strong-willed Christian's attempt to bring Christmas to Mecca.

Welcome Home, Son - Welcome Home, Murderer (2010) - The title says it all. Can mom and son cohabitate when they both know the truth?


Who Will Save Our Children? (2009) - Controversial true-story about a group of pedophiles that declare war on the neighborhood drug pushers.

The 40 Deaths Of David Miles (2008) - A Western in the classic Spaghetti sense. Outlaw David Miles has been through it all.

Escape From Gomorrah (2007) - A Manka Faith production of the true Bible story about a shepherd (Harry Hamlin) who doesn't look back.

I, Monster (2006) - For the Manka Legends Channel. Legendary comedian Joey Levitch stars in this live mini-series which depicts a prominent scholar's slow transformation into a bloodthirsty monster.

Hammurabi's Code (2005) - When Shamash the Sun God reappears in 2005 with a new set of laws for the descendant of Hammurabi, lawbreakers are about to receive a fresh can of opened 'whoop ass.'

I'll Call As Soon As I Get Home (2005) - For Susan, a five minute drive home from the store turns into a terrifying eighteen year life and death struggle across six continents.

Santa Claus And The Yuletide Killer (2004) - Another in the series of 'Santa Mysteries,' Santa Claus teams up with a rookie detective (Sarah Jenkins) to solve a series of murders the week before Christmas.

Hail To The Freak (2003) - Potential true story of Jimmy Handfoot, a former circus freak who is elected President of the United States.

The Koran (2002) - This never-aired 12-part mini-series adapted from the Islamic holy book was pulled by MBS following 9/11.

Son Of Icarus (2001) - Epic mini-series of the odyssey of Icarus, Jr. Every time the sun rises, he is reminded of his dad.


Pandamonium (1999) - An actor friend of Carrot Top stars as a zoo employee doing everything he can to get the endangered pandas to mate. [A spin-off TV series was planned if Carrot Top himself played the role. He refused and the project died.]

Rampart (1999) - Gangs run wild in an L.A. neighborhood after the Mayor suspends every cop in the division for bad behavior.

A Flock Of Seagulls - Tragic Flight (1998) - Original Manka Music movie of the triumphs, the tragedies and the eventual cannibalistic deaths of a few crew members of New Wave's first mainstream band.

Always A Bridesmaid (1998) - It's 'Groundhog Day' at a wedding for a woman who will repeat as bridesmaid at a wedding day-after-day until she catches the bouquet.

Blackout '97 (1997) - The 43rd Precinct in Manhattan tries to stop the chaos during 'The Great Blackout of 1997.'

The Bhagwan's Little Joke (1997) - A Hindu family prearranges a marriage for their son in accordance with tradition. The son's fiancée turns out to be MALE!

Broken Wires (1996) - When the wires are cut by Jesse James, will Jake Gunderson - a telepathic telegraph operator on the Oregon Trail - be able to warn the next town using his telepathic abilities that James is coming to terrorize them?

No Hard Feelings (1996) - A comedic look at the effects of impotence on a marriage.

Final Exit (1996) - Manka Kids original movie adapted from a controversial children's book on euthanasia. [Never aired.]

Excel 1.3 (1996) - Story of the men and women who took the free version of Excel and created the newer version, becoming billionaires.

The State Of Nevada vs. Bobby Berossini (1995) - Famous animal abuse criminal case against the star of one of Las Vegas' most popular shows - Bobby Berossini and his Orangutans.

Excel (1995) - Story of the men and women who created the software and gave it away for free.

Grandpa Won't Be Coming Home (1995) - Manka Legends original about divorce after 70.

A, My Name is Larry (1994) - A painful look at dyslexia through the eyes of Larry.

The Elliott Gould Story (1994) - The life, death and, eventual, life again of the life and career of Elliott Gould. [Featuring a brief appearance by Elliott Gould.]

Cat Got Your Tongue? (1993) - Absolutely horrible movie for kids starring Rosie O'Donnell as a woman who accidentally changes mouths with her cat.

If Norman Fell (1993) - Life story of character actor Norman Fell. Produced, financed and starring Norman Fell. [Never aired.]

Laugh Track (1992) - The unauthorized Garry Marshall story.

Richard Ramirez - Crime Buster (1992) - 'Silence Of The Lambs'-type thriller about a deal made between the Governor of California and Night Stalker killer Richard Ramirez. Every crime he helps solve knocks a day off his 12 consecutive life-term sentence.

The Cal Worthington Story (aka The Amazing World Of Cal Worthington) (1991) - Famous car dealer's life and times, from his early life as a spoiled rich kid, to his later life as a spoiled rich old man.

Did My Mommy Call? (1991) - Comedy about a runaway mom and the five young children at home that really miss her.

High Pressure (1990) - The unpredictable barometric pressure plays with the minds of the people in a small California town.

Rainy Day (1990) - They've been saving up for it, and now they're going to need it.


Alienable Rights (1989) - After aliens from another galaxy are welcomed into the U.S., Mexicans who aren't allowed in file a lawsuit - and take it all the way to the Galactic Court.

Square One - The Paul Lynde Story (1988) - The rise and agonizing fall of fall of the beloved comedian known mostly for being the Middle Square on 'Hollywood Squares.'

The Duchess Of Malfi (1988) - Jacklyn Smith stars in a modern day re-telling of John Webster's classic 1613 play.

Skate-Bored (1987) - Manka After School Special. Skate punks looking for new kicks turn to math with their eye on the State Matholympics.

The Gays Of Gibraltar (1987) - Epic mini-series / party of one wild summer on the southern coast of Spain.

Anything For You, Sarah (1987) - True story of a man who murders because his girlfriend tells him to.

The Face Of An Angel (1986) - A man tracing his lineage discovers his grandmother slept with and bore the child of an ox.

The Sky Was Blue (1986) - It was the most ordinary day he had ever had - a little TOO ORDINARY! [As was the movie. Critics panned it because nothing really happens.]

Long Time, No See (1986) - It took the deaths of their spouses and their children's choice in nursing homes to bring this couple back together.

The Facsimile Killer (1985) - Serial killer sends 'faxes' to victims right before they are murdered.

B.Y.O.B.G.Y.N. (1985) - The inspirational true story of the brilliant young inventor of the inner-uterine diaphragm and his struggle with alcoholism.

A Day Without Sun (1984) - Doomsday event of the century. A huge downpour on the sun douses the flames and cools it off. Chaos reigns on Earth for 24 hours until a hotshot group of NASA scientists figure out how to relight the sun.

Sweet Sorrow (1984) - True story of how the inventor of the chocolate coin was convicted of counterfeiting.

Lost Forever (1984) - Soleil Moon Frye leaves her home to Georgia to search for her kitten in New York City.

Hell On Wheels (1983) - Dirk Benedict and Erin Moran star in this 'Bonnie and Clyde' story set in the Mississippi Delta.

Too White (1981) - An albino racist who is denied membership in the KKK learns that discrimination is not all it's cracked up to be.

Fire Eater (1981) - Gary Burghoff and Lesley Ann Warren star as a circus fire eater in the 1920s and the woman who loved him.

K.I.T. (1981) - It's gonna be a bitchin' summer now that they're friends forever.


Team Spirit (1979) - Sequel to the successful 1978 TV movie 'Monday Mourning Quarterback.' The dead players come back as ghosts to help the new team.

Franken-Stein (1979) - Re-telling of the classic tale starring Al Franken (written by Al Franken, Tom Davis, Michael O'Donoghue, Herb Sargeant, Alan Zweibel, Don Novello and Lorne Michaels).

Monday Mourning Quarterback (1978) - The San Onofre Chargers find out from the team doctor they are all dying of radiation poisoning from the nearby nuclear power plant. Can they muster the strength to play in the upcoming Super Bowl?

And Then There Were Nun (1978) - Agatha Christie's 'And Then There Were None' set in a Convent.

House Fire '78 (1978) - More people died in house fires during 1978 than in all other disasters combined. This is one of those stories and, hopefully, some laws will be changed (and lives saved) because this story was told.

The Telex Killer (1978) - Serial killer sends telexes to his victims right before they are murdered.

Reed My Lips (1977) - The romantic true story of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Reed.

Blackout '76 (1977) - A night of terror as a group of friends react differently to 'The Great New York Blackout of 1976.'

General Grandpa (1977) - True story of a World War II vet (now a Grandpa) who organizes his entire family (including his very young grandchildren) to go to Vietnam and fight during the waning days of the Vietnam War.

Earthquake At The Nut House (1976) - True story of mental patients who were liberated after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake knocked down the Sanitarium walls. Those idiots ended up helping rebuild that glorious city.

Love Beat (1976) - The story of Tony DeFranco's use of violence to shape his family into 'America's Family.'

Clown Without Pity (1976) - There are thousands of horrible, mean clowns performing at kids birthday parties out there - but non are more horrible or mean that Willie.

No Christmas For Bobby (1975) - After Bobby attacks a neighbor with a knife, his parents force him to spend Christmas alone in his room. By morning, will Bobby learn the true meaning of Christmas - or try to kill again?

Run, Joey, Run (1975) - Movie based on the 1975 hit pop song.

Yakkety Sax - Don't Talk Back (1974) - True story of popular saxophone great Boots Randolph's slow decent into madness.

The Playground Is My Battleground (1973) - Dramatic story of a young boy and his struggle to be accept at a new school.

Lucky Strike: Bounty Hunter (1972) - Cool as a cucumber, Lucky Strike smokes his way through wine, women and danger. [Manka Bros. produced this movie for Phillip Morris in an attempt to beat the recently imposed ban on cigarette advertising on television. On its first airing, the public had less issues with its blatant of tobacco use than its hardcore violence and brief frontal nudity.]


Rosie The Drunk (1969) - The tragic story of what became of 'Rosie The Riveter' after the men came back from World War II, took her job and she was forced to return to being a 1950s housewife.

The Satanic Nurses (1968) - Strange things happen during the night shift at Allendale Memorial Hospital.