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2015 Film Slate

The Lurchling - Part 1 (2014) - A trilogy of movies based on the popular Holande Backaray novelette (Manka Books). [The third movie will be broken into three more movies - The Lurchling - Part 3A, 3B & 3C.]

Don't Call Me Skullboy (2014) - Based on the MC Comics character Skullboy - the hero without skin on his face. He can take and give a lot of punishment but there's one thing you never, ever want to do... but the bad guys just can't stop calling him "Skullboy." Big mistake.

I 2 I (Eye-To-Eye) (2014) - Dr. Isis Eiger, an ophthalmologist / African explorer, has been seeking to find the Freemason Eye of Providence all her life. When she is abducted at Bob's Big Boy by her crazy old college professor, the greatest adventure of her life begins.

My Goombah (2014) - Re imagining of the hit Manka Bros. movie from 1986. Bobby Moynahan takes on the role made famous by Tony Rosato, a smokin', drinkin', whorin' mob guy who pulls a few strings and qualifies for the female Olympic Speed Skating Team.

The Consolidate (2014) - When a woman discovers her blind date has just found out he's dying in the next 24 hours, it's up to her to provide him that night with a lifetime's worth of dates - both good and bad - he'll never get to experience otherwise.

Burnt Sienna (2014) - Old friends gather at a Tuscan villa one summer, drinking Chianti and reminiscing about the time they engulfed a local woman in flames, who may or may not have been a witch.

Hellfish 3D (2014) - Giant clams, a byproduct of Japan's Fukushima accident, terrorize the citizens of Eugene, Oregon and everyone refuses to help them.

Green Screen (2014 - 3D) - Someone is killing the great CG actors of Hollywood in front of green screens - but the cost savings are too great for the studios to stop the practice.

R (2014) - Inspired by true events, September 2013. Keith Baxter pulls off the biggest bank heist in New York City history, but his getaway car is stuck in reverse! He avoids capture by backing up at dangerously high speeds, only to be undone by massive tie-ups on the George Washington Bridge en route to Fort Lee.

Gradversaries (2014) - Two gifted friends fight to become their graduating class' valedictorian.

Lou Tonium: The Birth of Lou Tonium (2014) - From MC Comics, the origin story of Lou Tonium and how feared mobster Lou Callebrisi became the galactic hero Lou Tonium.

A Night At The Museum Of Tolerance (2014 - 3D) - An aging former Nazi just wants a little peace and quiet at his new job as a night watchman. But Anne Frank and a plethora of miniaturized Warsaw Ghetto resistance fighters have other plans for him. [Rated NC17 for necessary extreme violence and torture.]

Narcoleper - A Love Story (2014) - They say there is someone for everyone in this world. Holy shit that really must be true.

Fat Gods (2014) - The Rolling Rocks is the Best Bowling Team on the planet - but are these Zanesville, Ohio, auto mechanics ready for all the fame, money and pussy that come with that title?

The Spina Bifida Kid (2014) - Taylor Franklin is not going to let his medical condition prevent him from making it through basic training so he can fight for the best damn country on the planet - Canada.

Ctrl Alt Elite (2014) - The 1% must defend themselves when computer hackers write software that shifts America's balance of wealth. Hashtag #occupytheaterseats.

Christ Detective (2014) - Jesus Christ returns to Earth and takes a job in the Philadelphia PD, solving crimes and, unfortunately, developing a heroin habit.

Nackets (2014) - The 2005 MBS cult series gets a new life as a feature film courtesy of Kickstarter and really gullible fans who will then pay to see it in theaters.

Mallcano (2014 - 3D) - Attention shoppers, the volcano beneath your feet is not as dormant as land developers led you to believe!

Blow Your Cool (2014) - Adrian Lyne directs this feature film based on the 1969 board game where players crouch on the floor and blow balls across a vinyl mat. The contestants are asthmatic sex addicts, so all bets are off. [Featuring a soundtrack by Seamus.]

NASCAT (2014 - 3D) - Live-action true story of the first cat (a stray feral cat named Petty) to compete in (and win!) the Daytona 500.

Knewborn (2014) - A child is born with the knowledge of everything that will happen to him during his lifetime.

Toon To Tango (2014 - Animated 3D) - A bashful cartoonist who accidentally entered in Argentina's 'Salon Tango' competition, must seek help from one of his own creations - Fernando Mouse.

Space Wonk (2014) - The idiot son of an astronaut gets a chance to go to the International Space Station with his dumb ass friends. It's just possible they may set back the space program 50 years.

City Girls: South of the Border (2014 - Animated 3D) - Based on the successful Manka Toy doll line, the City Girls head south. When Conseula, their housekeeper, is deported, it's up to the City Girls to bring their big city sophistication to a border town in need.

Untitled Christmas Movie (2014) - Movie about a dysfunctional family getting together at Christmas or some kid who doesn't believe in Santa Claus [the script isn't finished].

Untitled Academy Awards-type Movie (2014) - High-quality drama that has a really good shot at getting Academy Award nominations [story logline unavailable because the script isn't finished.]

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